Sunday, September 12, 2010

Magpie Tales

Far Sighted

Outside in, inside out
Someone please tell me
What to think.

Confusion mirrored
In the window's
Mindless reflection.

Stories embedded
Deep within
A lost imagination.

The present
Slips quietly away
Replaced by reflections of the past.

The undefined image in the window set me to thinking about my ex husband's grandfather's losing battle with Alzheimer's. How he slipped away bit by bit. How he needed someone to define the world he could see, but no longer understand.

I'm still away on vacation, but had a few quiet moments this morning to try my hand at another Magpie Tale. To read more click here. I will be traveling tomorrow and visiting you as I am able this coming week.


  1. Enjoy your vacation.;) Btw, love that sweet baby picture on your sidebar.;))

  2. quite the stirring verse...having know a few curse with it slowly slips away to a pale reflection...nice mag!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to write and share this thoughtful piece.

  4. Such a poignant piece Stevie. My mother-in-law sadly slipped away bit by bit like this. (thanks for Magging even while on vacation, such dedication!!!)

  5. This is beautiful Steviewren! You captured the loss of understanding with Alzheimer's in such a gentle way...hope you enjoy your vacation.

  6. Alzheimer's took away my aunt. One of the hardest things I've lived through. Your poem tugged my heartstrings. My imagination would be last thing I'd want to lose.

  7. Thank you for posting this fine poem - the reflection of this dreaded 'slipping' is well crafted!

  8. Just lovely...and so heartbreaking. Wonderful poem, Stevie.


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