Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two Peas in a Pod

These two are perfect companions for each other.

Crazy, funny and silly.

Why is sticking out one's tongue the universal go to pose of all children?


  1. They are so cute and look so very alike.;)) As for the sticking out tongue behavior; don't you sometimes still want to do that? I know I do.;)
    Have a great Friday,

  2. Adorable creatures, even when the tongue is unleashed.

  3. That is a good question! I don't think google will have an answer for that, but you never know! You do have cute grand kids! I hope that you have had a great week. I see that you said you had lots of plans!

  4. Oh they are so funny .. and I am loving the shot of you and #9 .. she looks very pensive .. as if she isnt happy to be photographed

  5. Oh they're just adorable. I think the sticking out the tongue thing is because it's just a tad daring.. something they'd never do ordinarily. But too cute for words.

  6. Oooooh, I just wanna eat 'em up! Oh, wait, I do get to. :-)

    Those are some cute pics! I had not seen them!

    And G'town, should sell the city your pics. We're headed to that little theatre in a few weeks to see a production of Cinderella!

  7. they are so cute in those sweet little dresses. in my family it is the adults who stick their tongues out for photos. i have several of each of my siblings from over the years. now that i think about it, it would make a really cute collage.

  8. These girls are adorable! Even when they are sticking out their tongues:) Cute dresses...

  9. Such pretty girls! My daughter is close to thirty and she still does!


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