Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phone Home ET

Some days it seems as though nobody is listening. It is hard to make my point. People just don't hear what I say.

Found this image here.

I drafted this post a while back on a day when I really felt like this.

As of yesterday afternoon, I am the last admin person in my office. My company just went through it's second round of laying off staff. I'm pretty uncertain about my future. It looks like it's time to look for another job, but the industry I work in as a whole is going through hard times. What to do? There's one thing I know for will be a lot quieter at work today than it was 3 months ago. I no longer have anyone to talk to. I am surrounded by empty desks.

Have you had a day like this lately. Talk to me. I'll listen.

ps Here is what I drew yesterday.


  1. Hi Steph,
    As for the postcards, my account is 5/11. In first delivery from Betsy, and the second delivery from Cynthia, Lavinia, Pat, ModGirl. Today the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish Republic is being celebrated all across the country with various activities and official holiday. I'm curious about the rest of the cards. I'll let you know duly about new deliveries.
    Thank you again for yr kind concern and interest. Oh I loved your drawings, and would vote for the middle red, that's interesting design:)

  2. I'm sure it would be depressing to look at all the empty desks around you! But I guess it could be a glass half full or empty kind of least your desk isn't empty! :) Love the purse drawings!

  3. Sorry to hear about your work situation. Hopefully things will work out for you.
    I love all the purses and all the colors!

  4. Ack.. that would be an uneasy feeling for sure. Hopefully you can find something new before too long. Fun purses.. I'll take the one on the left, please!

  5. I'm job hunting right now. Pretty slim pickings out there. This is a scary time. Tim's company has not made payroll for three weeks now. It is a scary time indeed.

  6. I can appreciate how tough times are now -- I know three people who have been layed off since the economic crisis began, and NYC has been giving dire reports about it's failing budget and debts piling up which doesn't look good for city employees and services and already crime is on the upswing as people get desperate.

    My son works for a non profit organization and he's worried about funding being slashed and jobs being cut.
    I just hope a new administration in power can turn things around.

    Lovely bags! I like the orange one!

  7. These are scary times and I do hope you get to keep your job, Stevie! You are getting some wonderful sketch time in, though! Love the purses.

  8. Yes, these are wonderful purses. I absolutely love purses. They make me very happy. I have way too many. It just seems like they make a girl perk up. I pray you will get to stay if that's what you want, but I also pray that if the Lord has something better for you He will lead you to it. You are a great person and I continue to love your drawings.

  9. You've got it figured out, girl -- when work problems come up, purses are the BEST antidote!
    :-D Seriously -- I hope all goes well for you at work.

  10. I've been in your shozies many times! Offices closed, departments disappeared around me, sometimes I got laid off. Even when I felt secure I kept my resume up to date. Came in very handy when my number came up and was the last thing I printed before I wandered out the door with my potted plant. Yes - I know how you are feeling right now for sure. So, send me that lovely purse on the right, would ya! They're all so cute and bright.

  11. It's a nutty time everywhere. As I have always worked from my office in my home, I spend my day talking either to myself, or to Edward.

  12. Stevie, this might mean something better ahead. But in the mean time it must be very worrying for you. Holding thumbs and toes.
    Love the handbags!

  13. Beautiful purses. It's not just faces and birds that you can draw with expertise!

  14. Wow ... I have so Been There, Done That! It's unnerving to watch others get laid off and you wonder "Why did they keep me?" I got tired of it and went to work for temporary agencies, still in accounting. If you sign up for more than one at a time and you'll never sit at home unless you WANT too! Made boo-coo bucks that way AND stayed busy. Way cool. Anyway, good luck. I hope you don't get the axe. We'll be thinking of you in our prayers.

    Can I have the left purse?? It matches my motorcycle. ha ha ♥ ∞


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