Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two Men And A Baby

For today:

Smug Guy

Surprised Guy


Babies haven't any hair;
Old men's heads are just as bare;
Between the cradle and the grave
Lie a haircut and a shave
Samuel Hoffenstein


  1. Excellent! I find it very difficult to draw babies faces and you knocked it out of the park. Very sweet. I have a baby picture of one of my co-workers that I was supposed to sketch months ago. I need to go ahead and not be afraid. You always inspire me. I need to get with the program. :)

  2. All three are so wonderful - that baby is perfectly baby-ish! LOVE the guy in the middle...

  3. I love your sense of humor as a get chances to read your older posts.

    The quote is perfect for your drawings. Love the baby drawing.

  4. Lovely sketches. And I also love Birdbaths and Beyond! Priceless.

  5. I enjoyed your two drawn faces and your cartoon character - especially the cartoon character! - Dave

  6. You never fail to surprise me.. I like smug guy!

  7. I love them! The middle guy especially. He looks like he's just checked his investment portfolio. It's all gone, baby!!

  8. I love your drawing technique. The man's face is amazing.

  9. Hi Steph,
    Just a quick note to let you know..
    The card sent from Bety's Kitchen in OH arrived safely in the mail TODAY!
    ~Happy me Happy~
    So it's the Number One from the xchange:) I'm very curious who's the next..?
    I'll publish them all on my page upon others arrive.


  10. Love your sketches....love the quote! :^)

  11. Love all he drawings -- all very expressive and the the poem is so true ...lol!!

  12. Hahaa...you are very good, Stevie. Love them all but surprised guy is a hoot!Looks like he is surprised to have made it through yet another bender.


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