Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So Many Choices....But My Mind Is Made Up

Today is the big day. There's quite a party is going on over at Willow Manor. Follow the link. I'll see you there.

All week long the list of eligible gentlemen callers, who have made plans to attend the ball, has been growing at incredible speed. Dance cards have been filled for days by those in the know. Everyone wants the chance to dance with

this one:

and that one:

or maybe this roguish ladies man:

Or even this McDreamy dude:

But it was the desire of this hunky knave that I save all my dances for him:

I must confess, I've never been much of a dancer, so he has devoted himself to teaching me the finer points of dance all week. Here is a little video of our practice session earlier today.

Put on your dance slippers and come to the Manor to dance the day and night away!

I will be the gorgeous woman with Antonio wearing a crystal encrusted midnight blue gown and a huge smile. Ciao!


  1. Oh my gosh!! I am feeling a little light headed just watching the two of you on the dance floor. Stevie! You look absolutely stunning in your cyber dress! Mine if I steal your partner for just a sec? I forgot how he could DANCE!!!!

  2. You look smashing in that gown, Stevie! :)

  3. Excellente clip. Is that music by the Gotan Project?

    Greetings from London.

  4. Stevie -you look wonderful! I'll try not to step on your train! Aren't the pasteries delicious! I've had two - Oh here is my date! Sean, this is my friend Stevie and her date - Antonio (sigh).

  5. Mr. Peck has re-surfaced! I see that he evidently got the night off from the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. Doesn't he look fabbo? Wow!

  6. OOH....What a great date choice...I'll be lining up to take a turn on the dance floor with him..

  7. Isn't this fun! Dancing the day away in the arms of a HOT HOT HOT man!

    Line up ladies, there's enough hotness here to share with everyone.

  8. Oh, those Latinos! Tango really is an amazing dance and you do it so well, Stevie!

    I think I'm going to have to borrow, Senor Banderas por uno momento. Si?


  9. You look so beautiful! My but your dance partner is exceptionally handsome! Isn't this a lovely get together?

    Willow has outdone herself.

  10. I was just thinking along those very same lines when your comment popped up! I love the Thoreau quote and it rings so very true tonight. Everyone seemed to have as much fun as if it were reality. Thanks for your kind words. (hic) Sorry...too much cyber champagne.

  11. What a handsome couple you are on the dance floor!! Antonio is an absolute dream boat! Do be careful thought..I hear Melanie is planning to gate-crash! I'll keep an eye out...

  12. What a beautiful gown you are wearing. Your date is really quite the dancer and so handsome. The food is so delicious and the champagne top notch. I am so glad that I brought my dance card. Let me see, yes Colin, you are indeed next on the card!

  13. OMGosh, wasn't yesterday the most fun! I've never had so much fun dancing....or a better (looking) partner.

    In fact, you all looked smashing and your partners weren't bad looking (dancers) either.


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