Thursday, October 30, 2008


Here are a few of the ghosts of my Halloween's past.

1950 era Stepford wives

Rachel and me

Bigroller from Las Vegas with her/his fluzzies

Nancy, Teri and me

Hard-working reporter from the Roaring 20s


No! I can't be bought!
Nancy and me

Rachel and my vintage wardrobes are courtesy of my mother's closets. She has a great collection of old clothes, purses, hats and jewelry. My glasses in the first picture were the ones that she wore throughout my childhood.

Next week I'll post pictures of the ghost of Halloween future....after the party Saturday night!


  1. These are adorable pictures. How wonderful to have a mom that has so many neat vintage clotes. How very fun! I can't wait to see the party pictures.

  2. These pics are priceless. Your mother's vintage duds are priceless. Re the last photo: take the money and run!!

  3. I "printed' that bankroll myself for the Las Vegas party and lent it to Nancy for the 20s party. Shush, don't tell the feds...I'm sure printing your own money is against the law...besides the backs are blank.

  4. So ... when does the party start? I'll wear my Biker Chick costume with the fake tattoos. Freaked out my dad with that one!! [tee hee] Y'all have fun! ♥ ∞

  5. This is too adorable!! I love the first pic, especially! It reminds me of the time I was Eleanor Roosevelt, complete with a fur and bad teeth. I want to go to a Halloween party with you! Fun!

  6. Willow, I love the bad teeth touch! hehe

  7. Sparky, bring it on! We have some biker dudes who would welcome a biker chick!

  8. How cute is that! Very clever.. looks like a load of fun.

  9. Love the pics. Great wordrobe! You know how to have fun, Stevie!

  10. What fun, Steviewren! I love all those vintage clothes that really amke the best costumes.

    You have been BOOOOOOooooo-ed --see my blog to pick up your tag!

  11. Looks like you know how to put together a great costume or two.
    What will you be tonight...have a fun time!

  12. Those are some great costumes! I especially like the *roaring 20's* one!


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