Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Can Not Be Trusted

I'm afraid, I will have to opt out of giving Christmas gifts this year. Because apparently, I can not be trusted with the debit card or checkbook once I am inside a store. Until today, I had not bought the first gift, but I was doing pretty good at being thrifty. Halfway through the morning I had an epiphany....it is only 23 days until the Day.

So I made my plans and at my lunch hour I got started. First stop Hobby Lobby. Everyone within a 200 mile radius was in the store snatching 50% off items. I joined them. Nothing I bought was on the list. And I spent so long there I had to go back to work without a gift purchased.

After work, I resolved to try again. I need an ornament for the church's ornament swap this Friday night. We ladies play Dirty Santa there and I wanted to find an ornament so good there will be a fight over who gets to keep it. Mission accomplished! But, I bought myself one too......

This weekend I am invited to a birthday party for my Great Nephew. I stopped at the bookstore for his gift. Success! I not only found a gift for him, but I got one for my grandson for Christmas.

Then I headed back to look at the magazines....have I ever told you that someone should do a magazine intervention for me? I am seriously addicted to publications by Stampington and Company. I mean look at this.....

Aren't they freakin cool? They are called Family Portrait Rag Dolls. You can understand why I had to buy the magazine can't you? I want to make a family like this.

The article can be found in the current issue of this magazine.

And while I am talking magazines. I really like to browse through Artful Blogging too.

But, I've strayed away from the topic....a girl and her money....or rather, a girl and her inability to just say no to herself. But I must! I have to be good! I have to buy gifts for others! Without buying a corresponding gift for myself.

What's a girl to do once she has unleashed the restraints and allowed herself to shop?


  1. Personally, after LL and I "borrowed" your credit card in Rome I'm surprized you can use it at all. So I say, spread the Christmas joy to yourself as much as possible and hurry up and make that doll family. Little Cindy needs a good home.

  2. There are magazines on blogging? I find so much irony there. I have foregone so many hard copies by reading key articles online. I have limited my purchases of various printed interests because I now I can find whatever I need to know in great detail by clicking on Google. And yet there's a magazine on blogging.. I'm SO amused.

  3. Can you imagine what we could accomplish if our restraints were lifted and we could REALLY shop?!

    I'd like to see that blogging magazine. Cool.

  4. I always check out the Stampington magazines when I visit B&N, but I never buy them as they are so darn expensive! I do love that 3-D family however.

    Christmas seems to be coming so quickly this year, doesn't it?

  5. Stevie - I stopped at the book store today- have the magazine with the doll family and my mom's First Communion picture! Ta da! I'll let you know what happens.

  6. Let's shop till we drop.. Merry Christmas Stevie!
    The Bach

  7. Stevie ~ you are so funny! I do the same thing when I'm shopping! It's just too hard to pass up a good deal! :)

  8. Ah ha, a kindred spirit! I thought I was the only one that bought a gift for myself for everyone I buy for someone else. HA HA Now I don't feel so guilty. :o)
    BTW, I do almost *all* my shopping on-line now. That way my guilt from overshopping is hidden from public view. ♥ ∞

  9. I think you need professional help!!! :-) Focus, my friend....Focus!!!! Have a good rest of the week!

  10. I love your pictures of the babies. Is that you? Too cute. Also, I have a huge addiction to magazines and books. I love the Stampington mags. I am trying to have some self control so I can pay off some bills. So I have to stay away from the bookstores. I realize I need professional help. That paper family is very neat. I haven't started Christmas shopping yet and probably won't until the week before it. I always do that and there's still plenty of things out there. Usually there's less folks out there on Christmas Eve morning because so many people are all done. I need a while to ponder over what I will purchase.

  11. Thanks everyone of you who admit to being incorrigible shoppers-you make me feel better!

  12. Cynthia, are you making a doll? I will be so jealous if you get a family of stuffed shirts before I do!

  13. Freekin cool is right. I have a TON of old photos and I can't wait to try it. I put kitty in a party hat and ironed it onto a t-shirt so I've worked with the fabric transfer paper. Thanks and thank you Cynthia for the link because I missed your post the first time around. :)


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