Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tis The Season

Friday night Rachel and I went with friends to the annual Christmas ornament swap at our former church. It is always fun to talk to friends we haven't seen in a long time. There was food, music and an inspirational devotion. Round tables were decorated by volunteers who brought their own table settings, dishes, and centerpieces. Every table was unique and beautiful.

This is the table where we sat. Cute huh?

This is the centerpiece.

Then there was the ornament swapping. Everyone grabbed a gift from the table at the door where we had left them. "If you've received a Christmas card already, swap your ornament with someone. Find someone with the same birth month as yourself and swap. If all of your Christmas shopping is done swap......" Finally, we were told we could open our gifts. Lastly, there was a lot of showing what we received. It was a good way to kick off the season.

Saturday night I was the guest of a dear friend. She had tickets to a concert at the fabulous Alabama Theater sponsored by Opera Birmingham. Soprano, Angela Brown was the featured singer. She was accompanied by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. Two local children's choirs also made appearances, The Magic City Concert Choir and The Birmingham Children's Choir. Both groups gave stand out performances. Mary, Did You Know and O Holy Night were my favorites. We had a great time.

The Chinese inspired Ladies Room-Vanity Tables in the Anteroom.

Fab Art-Deco lights in the second floor hallway.

The more than fabulously fab chandelier in the lobby of the theater.
Look closely and you can see the choir singing a pre-performance concert.

Third floor lighting in the hallway.

The Symphony warming on stage up before the show began.

Even the exit signs are beautiful!

Sunday I will attend a 1st birthday party for my great nephew and then all of my children (except the ones who live in Texas) are coming over for our annual Gingerbread House party. We will make houses out of graham crackers, royal icing and decorate them with tons of candy. We've been doing this every year for almost 10 years. There is usually some heated competion to see who can build the best house. There have been modernist designs, Pennsylvannia Dutch styles, churches and even a trailer park. In the interest of frugality, I began saving all of the leftover candy from year to year to reuse it. When we've finished our houses, we bag all the candy up and store it in the bottom of my freezer until next time. We are carefully point out the fresh candy to the kids and tell them to only eat it....they never listen....uck! We make a huge mess and have the time of our lives.

Making Royal icing is a messy job, but someone has to do it!

Next Wednesday I will be leaving after work to spend a few days in Texas with the rest of my family. They have some fun stuff planned to take me to. And I plan on teaching my TX girls how to make graham cracker houses. I'll be back Sunday evening, so it will be just a short trip, but lots of fun I'm sure.

Why is it most of the year I have nothing to do? It must be because it is all saved up for December!


  1. Stevie,
    Sounds like you've been busy with the festive holiday season. Hope you have a great time in TX...
    Merry Christmas!
    The Bach

  2. Oh-oh-oh!! My daughter knows Angela Brown! They both studied with the same voice teacher at IU!

  3. Willow, she was fantastic. It was a great evening.

  4. The Alabama Theater is one of my most favorite places. Sigh... sounds like a lovely evening.

    I love the way the ornament swap was done.

    Graham cracker houses... we hope to do them soon. Maybe when school is out.

    This week is busy for me too.

  5. It all sounds like wonderful fun holiday festivitiies! I would probably eat more candy than I'd use to
    The theater is lovely -- old architecture can't be beat.

    Enjoy your TX gands and safe travels!

  6. Hey, can I go too? I *LOVE* Texas! It's my 2nd favorite State after Georgia.
    Sounds like y'all will have loads of fun. Take lots of pics and share upon your return.
    Travel safe! ♥ ∞

  7. Stevie, it sounds like you had a wonderful week. Your gingerbread house tradition sounds so fun. Don't forget to post pictures of the finished products. It sounds like you are doing some great memorable things this season. Take care on your trip. I can't wait to see the pics.

  8. What a fun swap! And I was going to say that my neice knows Angela Brown, but I see Willow already told you! I bet it was a fun evening, too!

  9. Stevie, I found your blog through Pamela Terry and Edward blog - and what beautiful pictures you have in this post. Those lights on the second floor are stunning! I'm a Texas native - living in NY, so I'm always glad to find people in blog land who have a Texas connection. Off to read more of your great blog!

  10. A festive start to the month of Christmasy things! How nice of you to share the fun with you bloggy buds! Enjoy your Texas adventure too.
    BTW - I made one of those dolls using a picture of my Mom. I was afraid it would come out looking like a voodoo doll but it did not. I'll send you a picture soon.

  11. It sounds like you're having just a wonderful time. Fantastic perspective in those photos.. just beautiful.

    Have a great time with your kidlets in Texas! :)

  12. Wow...what a beautiful place. I'm glad you had a nice time at the Alabama Theatre. I've not heard of Angela Brown, so I plan to check out the link! :)

  13. Sounds like a lovely Yuletide event!

  14. This was such an interesting and happy post. The best part about Christmas is spending time with your family.

    I am also flying home to be with my daughters and the grands. Can hardly wait.

  15. I love your banner. It is so festive and Christmasy!!! You are so talented.

  16. It sounds like you have so many fun things to do! I have made gingerbread houses with my girls. Maybe we will do it again this year. The ornament exchange sounds like so much fun! A night out with friends is always a good idea! A trip to Texas, you are certainly busy. Have a safe trip.
    Believe me, my tree is no big deal. I will take a few pictures to share. It will not be featured in any magazine.


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