Friday, December 19, 2008

Last Minute Shopping

Anyone need a last minute gift for that girly girl on your list. How about high heel purses made from her own favorite shoes? Shoshanna Smith will make you a purse to order.

How about something for that loved one with trust issues. Their very own portable lie detector might be the perfect long as you have nothing to hide. It comes with batteries, wrist strap and a one year guarantee for only $69.95.

Maybe some messy someone you know would appreciate a beard vacuum.

And finally for you and your significant other...time release handcuffs ....for when you want to be stuck together.


  1. A beard vacuum? Now that takes the cake! I'm picturing bits of food stuck in the beard...ewww! Mince pie crumbs in Father Christmas's beard.

  2. If I wasn't two gift cards short from being done with my shopping, I might think about buying a few of the gifts you suggested. There is always nexy year!!!
    It is still snowing here.

  3. The shoe purses are a good idea. I have lots of shoes just hanging aroung the closet. Mostly sandals though so all my stuff would fall out - unless I line them with beige nylons - with the reinforced toes.

  4. oh, i needed a good laugh! these are such fun(ny!!) gifts ideas!!

  5. All hilariously useless gifts aside... you made my day with the beautiful Christmas postcard! What a joy it has been getting to know you this year (after hearing so much about you for so many years)! Thank you.

  6. Hi Steviewren. I wanted to comment on your beautiful Christmas tree a couple of blogs later on but couldn't find a comment link. Please accept this. We too now have an artificial tree, but have now settled for a fibre-optic one. - Dave


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