Friday, December 5, 2008

They May Be Wiser, But They Sure Aren't Happier

Horrible true story....sad, but true. Today my daughter, who teaches Special Ed to 1st through 3rd grades, was trying to help some students understand their writing assignment a little better. Their teacher wanted them to write a paragraph about a fictional character. But these third graders couldn't quite grasp the concept of fictional. Attempting to make the meaning clear she said, "Fictional means someone who isn't real, like Santa."

Immediately she realized she had made a huge mistake when all four little boys cried out "What? What do you mean Santa isn't real?" Rachel tried to backpedal, but once a child begins to doubt...well we've all been there. She said they were really distraught. It seems their teacher had made the same mistake. It's hard not to question who Santa really is after two adults have made the same slip.

She feels bad. She says she never thought that they would still believe, they seem so old in other ways. Maybe they will make it through this Christmas with their illusions of magical things still intact. I hope so. Children grow up so fast. No need to rush it.

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  1. Aww yes, first to third graders are still very young. Many kidlets don't even begin to doubt for a few years still. They want so much to believe. But mistakes happen. How else would we learn?

  2. Poor kids! I was devastated at age 11, when my cousin blurted out that there was no Santa Claus. I still am.

    Steviewren, you might find this post fun:

    Love, love , love your new header!


  3. That's a cute B&W photo with this post. Is that a family photo? I need to drag one of mine out and share.
    Your new colors and header are so pretty! Very festive. :o) ♥ ∞

  4. I still believe in Santa! I do! I have a silver bell hanging on my tree...I make a wish...and I ring it. (And I can still hear the bell ring beautifully!) This year, I secretly passed this tradition on to another WONderful friend, by giving them a silver bell. I still dream...and I'm still a kid at heart! :)

  5. Love your new banner. I am so behind on my commenting. I am usually behind on everything so this does not surprise me. Friends and I were just talking about all the little Santa traditions in different households. The kids with older siblings are usually always the first to know.
    Love your drawings of Madonna and child.
    I want to congratulate you on being published! No matter how small, you have to start somewhere and why not in one of your favorite publications! You are very talented!

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  7. That's one of those "oops." Oh well. Have a great Sunday.

  8. Christmas is magic, even when you don't believe in Santa. The kids will figure it out. I know that your girl has to feel perfectly awful though.

  9. Oh dear...maybe on Christmas morning, their faith will be restored! :)

  10. That was really an "OH OH" momment! I feel for her and those kids.


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