Monday, December 1, 2008

Monkey See Monkey Do

In just a little over 2 months, we'll welcome a new baby boy to the family. My daughter has been busy getting his room ready for him. I dropped by after work tonight and couldn't resist taking a few photos to share.

The theme for the room is these cute monkeys.

I imagine this sock monkey will be a favorite toy.

The mommy-to-be made a stack of colorful tie-dyed onesies for baby.

I love these socks.

A draw full of shoes await little feet.

Shhhhh, don't tell, but I've been hard at work. Keep your fingers crossed that this will be wearable. When it is all done, I'll give you another peek.

Kind friends are planning a shower for Rachel soon. I am making the invitations. She said she wanted me to draw her skinny with a big baby bump. What do you think?

We're getting excited around here. Because it won't be long now.


  1. So his name is going to begin with an 'e'?

    And can we call you granny wren?

    And, BTW, you did a cute job on the invites!

  2. I can almost smell that wonderful baby smell. Nice invites.. no doubt you're getting very excited.

    The registering for a baby shower is such a new thing to me. It makes sense, I guess but it leaves out the mystery of receiving interesting gifts. Then again I didn't even want to know my babies' gender beforehand. ;)

  3. Aww! Those invitations are adorable, Stevie! Wonderful likeness of Rachel. I'm excited for all of you!!

  4. Getting the nursery ready for the coming baby....way at the top of the list of my favorite things in life! The invites are adorable...yes, skinny with a bump! :)

  5. Only two months left?! Wow, he's coming soon! I love the monkeys, cute, cute, cute. And the invitations are perfect. I'm wishing Rachel, and you, grandmom, oodles of happiness with this little guy.

  6. Finally, I have been having trouble leaving a comment on certain blogs! Your was one! Now, I love what your Thanksgiving table looked like. Quite the crowd!
    I love Anthropologie. You do have an eye for details. As I said before I wish I was 10 or 15 years younger and had the money to buy everything from Anthropologie.
    Love the invitation for the shower. All those cute little baby things! I love the monkey theme.

  7. What wonderful invitations with the Mom-to Be! The baby room is beautiful! I love the monkey theme. We're getting excited out here because it won't be long now!

  8. Debby, yep his name will be Elijah.

    Hilary, most people buy from the registry if they are trying to match the mother's decorating theme, otherwise they just buy the usual necessaries. One of my sons and his wife only find out the sex every other baby. She wants the surprise. He generally likes to know.

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments about the invitations. I make them for friends parties occasionally, but usually don't post them because (don't tell) I plagiarize heavily. The verses on this one are not original. If I had time to come up with everything original I would open an etsy shop, because I love making them.

    I am crazy about the monkey theme for Elijah myself Lora, Mod Girl and Cynthia.

  9. The invites are so cute! You are very talented. If we ever have a Big Doin's I'll commission you do make some drawings, 'k? :o)

    Elijah is a beautiful name that he can be proud of.

    Now we're all excited too! It's always a happy day to welcome a new little life into the world. May God bless Mommy, Daddy and little Elijah (and GrannyWren) all their lives. ♥ ∞

  10. Such a excited news !!
    And I love the room that you & your daughter prepare for Elijah.

    Congratulation !

  11. Awwwwww! Congrats! I wish her and you the best. Keep us posted and I expect to see LOTS of pictures. =D


  12. My first grandson has a "monkey" theme too. Infact, they call him their little monkey!'s great being a grandparent.

  13. Delightful post!!! Stevie you are so clever. What a great invitation! You could go into business.

  14. Oh congratulations! So exciting and the monkey theme is so cute! I had the same socks but in a Mary Jane for my youngest.

  15. Today was supposed to be "the day" but my grandson must want a different birthday! LOL!

    It's so eciting isn't it? I'm keeping my grandson's name a secret until the big day! :-)

    I love your invitationsa nd the baby's room looks adorable!

  16. Those are lovely invitations - and such a nice keepsake after the event.

    I love those monkeys too - they remind me of that game, "Barrel of Monkeys" with their topsy-turvy poses.

    What I love the best though is that Sock Monkey! How adorable is he?

    Hope all goes well...looking forward to pics of the new arrival when he/she comes.



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