Thursday, February 19, 2009

all these people are stoked.....

...cause it's Debby's last day of chemo! You go girl! You've made it through to the other side!

Sash-shay over to Bush Babe's to join the par-tay!


  1. Sweet!!! Are these all friends of yours?? heh...

    Thanks so much for coming to the party... it's kinda blown me away, and I organised the blinking thing!!!
    *looks around in wonder at all the partygoers*

  2. Good for you, Debby! Hope you are cancer free and stay that way!

  3. You think they're stoked? You oughta see the look on MY face!!!!

    Thanks Stevie. You're great!

  4. Li'l Cindi is making a special funny face for Debby too! Excellent post!

  5. I think I went to highschool with some of these people! And we always had lots of school spirit, or today as it is known, as Debby Spirit....may it forevermore be uplifted and uplifting...

  6. Very funny expression. Are your friends? Debby I sincerely wish a speedy recovery.

  7. Very cool, Stevie!! We are shouting from the rooftops! Hooray for Debby!!!!!


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