Thursday, February 12, 2009

a sweater and seven things ...craft week continues

Most of you probably know that I was making a crocheted layette set for my new little grandson, which I put the finishing touches on the day after he was born. It was presented to him the night before he went home from the hospital. He wore the hat and sweater home.

Only one bootie was finished so he had to make the trip home wearing socks only. I made the second bootie only to discover that it was smaller, neater and better in every way than the first. So I made a third bootie, which turned out better still. Now I am making a fourth in the attempt to produce a matching pair. I guess practice really does make perfect....or at least better.....

Keep your fingers crossed please!

Linda from Linda Mahoney Art surprised me with this nice award this week.

Thanks Linda. Please check out her beautiful artwork. I practically drool looking at her fabulous pieces. She has such a talent.

I am supposed to list seven things I love and pass the award along to seven artists whose blogs I love.

For fun I'm naming seven food items beginning with the letter C that I really enjoy:


Thai Crunch Salad from California Pizza Kitchen
Crispy Chicken strips from KFC (yes, I know it's bad for me)
Basmati rice with Coconut milk
Potato Chips
Crab Cakes
Dark Chocolate

This list is one item too long, but I can't choose which one to eliminate so I'm not....eliminating one!

I'd like to present this award to:
Denise at Look Beyond the Picket Fence-because she makes something cute everyday!
Robyn at Art Propelled-because she carves wonderful things and inspires and teaches me something new all the time.
Toni at A Spattering-because her bird studies are fantastic and her watercolor tips are invaluable.
Teri at Teri's Painted Daisies-because I've come to love her Sunday church sketches. They make a perfect start for the week.
Diahn at Art By Diahn-because I'm loving seeing Washington DC through the pages of her Moleskin.
Linda at Quotidian Curiosities-because she is a fantastic watercolorist...even though February seems to have put her on hold...hurry up spring...Linda needs inspiration to paint again

That is just six artists, but heck I named eight foods, so we're even!

Get busy, make something creative before the week is over and remember take a picture of the space that inspires you to be creative and share it on Friday!


  1. Congratulations on the award, it is well deserved.

    The layette is BEAUTIFUL! I think that Rachel should hang it somewhere special in Little E's room.

  2. Thanks so much for the award!

    I love the layette - so sweet. And i know what you mean about those darn booties - every time I knit something in pairs, one always looks so much better than the other!

  3. Maybe it's a sign...all those extra booties....twins next time??? :) You should hold on to them! tee-hee!

  4. You are so talented, Stevie! The little set is gorgeous!! I am very impressed.

    And I love that California Pizza Kitchen Thai salad. I haven't had it in ages. Must remedy that soon!

  5. So glad I found your blog. You do a lot of fun things. Love your craft room. You and I both have the same lamp.

    I love Julie King's artwork too. We are friends on Facebook.

    I'll enjoying stopping back again and again.

  6. Good luck recreating the best-bootie.
    If you hit 8 booties I demand a crocheted octopus to go with them.


  7. Just stopping by to say hello....

  8. Well, Stevie, you could begin, singlehandedly to provide booties to the California octuplets.

    Are you remembering to give them a thorough shaking? There was a song to remind you to 'shake shake shake, shake your bootie, shake your bootie'.

  9. Congrats on the award, Steviewren. VERY well deserving. Your artwork in general is very inspirting!

    And I love the little outfit. It's darling! :)

  10. Hi Stevie

    That set is adorable! My sister-in-law made my grandson a blue knit outfit and I have a photo of him wearing it on my sidebar. There is nothing as nice as home made!

    I love looking at artist's blogs. Thanks for the links. Congrats on the award! So well deserved as you are so creative!

    I love the falafel pita at CA pizza ;-)

  11. They all look perfect to me. You're a multi-talented lady. Lovely.

  12. Thank you so much for the award. It is such a positive thing to be thought of in this way.

    You layette is adorable and maybe she will have twins for all those booties :)

  13. The layette is just beautiful. I am sure your sweet little grandson won't care if the booties aren't perfect. All that love going into them will make them fit perfectly.

  14. I love the 3 booties! I have trouble with those too. I don't know what the deal is, maybe it has to do with having to count and concentrate while watching Burn Notice. Very sweet little layette!

  15. Burn Notice has been excellent this season. Be assured, this is one show that I don't do anything during but watch.

  16. roflol, what a wonderfully funny post about those booties, i couldn't stop giggling. well done on the award too,i don't visit often but i do so enjoy it when i do.(make any sense?)

  17. Congratulations on your award, and on your cute little knitties. They are soooooooo adorable. I could have added another 25 'o's to the word so. A baby's world is such a precious place....

  18. The little sweater is adorable! Seriously adorable.

  19. Thanks so much for my award Stevie. "I love your art blog" that just makes me feel so good! Well done you!

    Your grandson must have looked so cute in that little hat...and the sweater.

  20. Hey Stevie, Thank you so much for the award you are so sweet. I would have been here sooner but this was the week from h____
    So this weekend is catch up time.

  21. Stevie Wren -- thank you for the award! You're not kidding about February, and you have given me the kick in the arse that I need, maybe!


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