Sunday, February 8, 2009

Small Scale Dressmaking

I thought you might like a peek at the dresses I made for this swap.

Click here to see lots more.


  1. I added Slumdog to Netflix. The dresses are so sweet! Have fun with the new Gran!

  2. These little dresses are so cute! I enjoyed looking at the others as well. What a fun swap!

  3. So cute!!! Wouldn't they be cute pinned up in a little girl's bedroom?

  4. They are all so nice. I know whoever gets them will be very happy! I should of joined the swap, maybe next time. I just cleaned my kitchen counter, that is where I do all my work. I have wanted to take a short break from making a mess, I mean crafting. I know I will be making something by the end of the week! I will post a picture then!

  5. Your workshop looks so enticing!

  6. Steph,
    These all are more than saying "Ooo so cute"!
    I was making the same, dressing my dolls using both fabrics and mostly papers like you did, when I was a little kid. Your swap reminded me those baby days..:)
    Jumped to see others, superrrr! Love and Respect for the women wherever they are, as I always say:)

  7. This is beyond cute. This is cute overload. This is the cute equivalent of overdose!


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