Sunday, February 15, 2009

a guilty conscience needs no accuser

I bought a bag of my favorite Swedish chocolate covered almond toffee candy, when I went to Ikea a couple of weeks ago.

Upon returning home from work one night last week, I noticed this scene on the table beside my big plaid chair.

Me thinks the hand doth accuse me.

There is no witness so dreadful, no accuser so terrible as the conscience that dwells in the heart of every man. -Polybius


  1. That's really cute Stevie! And is the hand correct? Was it you you?

  2. lol! I have had similar piles by my side, but thank goodness no accusingly pointing finger!

  3. A very well constructed photo Steviewren! The final quote should include 'women'...? - Dave

  4. If I had an accusatory severed hand around I'd be more careful about disposing of the evidence.


  5. Oh, just smack that little hand.

    I love your new lemon yellow blog.

  6. Tee hee, My concious would be proud of me if the empty bag wasn't already in the trash. tee hee. That little pile of wrappers doesn't look too bad to me. How's that for enableing? tee hee...

  7. We need an Ikea!

    I love your hand. I have one, too, and have the best time posing it around the manor. Mine is a little more forgiving, though.

  8. Lovely yellow wallpaper! An accusing hand - I think I need one of those to point out the error of my ways. Does it creep around the house and play the piano at night?

  9. The funny thing is that I didn't pose this photo. I really came home and saw it laying there. The hand is usually in an upright position.

    Muse, thanks for that thought! Disconnected hand creeping around at night looking for a piano...yea, that is something I'll enjoy thinking about next time I hear a noise in the middle of the night.

  10. Oh, that's funny...and a bit too familiar, only in my house it's pile of Dove wrappers...

  11. yum yum love these too. get away thou accusing hand...i doth protest...btw i really likle your header. i am going to add you to my list of friends to visit.

  12. I like the idea of that candy and I want to try some. I wish there was an Ikea here, but next time I go to the City (around here that means San Francisco), I'll know what to look for.

  13. What a great sense of humour!...maybe it is pointing out the fact that you didn't have enough?

  14. Oh, snap.

    You've got to get rid of that snitch of a hand, ASAP.

    :^) Anna

  15. Eek! That's eerie! The accusatory finger....the evidence all laid out in front of it. Case closed!

  16. Here's an idea, Stevie. You might just want to take that hand along and let it point to the guilty party on the next caper with Muse and Lavinia and Blicky and Janeen...with all those reprobates around, we need that hand...

  17. Very cute! I was doing so good. I lost 20 lbs and now I've gained back 10. What is wrong with me? The sweets just call my name.

  18. That's okay. As long as it wasn't on your bedside table, you're good!

    Who is that in your header - Lenin? Is Emily Dickinson there. This isn't your family, is it? Help me out!
    (I love it, by the way.)


  19. OH OH..I see the hand has made it to your left mine on Valentines Day with empty boxes of chocolate.☺


  20. That was cute. Very cute and funny.

    We love Ikea too. Just bought 2 pieces of furniture for my craft room. There food is good. We sometimes get their jars of berries. Can't remember the name now, but it's good. sorta like cranberries.

  21. There seems to be candy everywhere I look around my houuse! We all love "penny candy'. My parents (my Mom does the picking) always go and buy each of us a bag of our favorites for Valentine's Day. My favorites are Swedish Fish, white chocolate covered gummies and anything sour! I hope everything works out for your friend, two heart transplants! You have a wonderful family! I am trying to catch up on all my favortite blogs!

  22. I forgot, thank you for the award!

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