Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Egyptology and a Baby

In my last entry I mentioned that I went to Atlanta Monday for the King Tut exhibit with my DIL and 2 granddaughters. These two pictures capture the girl's personalities perfectly.

They both are 100% ham.

Of course, no pictures are allowed inside the exhibit. These were made in the lobby.

Here are a couple of pictures I took tonight at the hospital. I only took a few because I was busy holding the little guy.

Daddy was trying to wake him up for his dinner.

The new family.

Oh, BTW I finished and delivered the sweater, cap and one bootie tonight. I put the last touches on the sweater today at work as well as finishing the bootie. I am aware that Elijah will prefer to have 2 booties so I am going to make it pronto. In my haste to finish, I forgot to take a picture. I'll get one of him wearing it sometime and we'll have a fashion show.


  1. Beautiful family! So happy for you all...Your granddaughters at the museum look like a lot of fun too..lucky you!!

  2. Great looking family....uh...I wonder where the grand daughters get their "ham" side?????

  3. Your girls look like they are enjoying themselves as I know you were.

    Your latest addition to the family is awfully sweet. I bet you can't hardly put him down.

    Beautiful family photo.

  4. What a sweet baby! Everyone looks so happy! :)

  5. Congradulations to all.....
    There is a reason they are called
    " GRAND" Children ! They are all GRAND Stevie!

  6. Your happiness and that gorgeous family make me smile. That's just wonderful! In a world full of doom and gloom, it's nice to witness love in it's purest form.

    I will be in Atlanta in a little less than a month on business. Maybe I'll take in a museum or two. ;)

    Have a nice day!


  7. I'd like to see a picture of grandma right now. I'd guess you have a mile wide smile yourself...and I'll bet that it's been plastered on your face for a couple of days now! You're probably even grinning in your sleep. And the thought of it makes me smile!

  8. your g'daughters' photos are too funny! and what a total cutie little elijah is!

    thanks so much for the link to my blog!!!

  9. I will agree with all the other comments. They are indeed a beautiful family. It is great that he is loved by so many. I am sure you will get some time with him soon.

  10. Such a sweet little family! I keep wondering about the King Tut exhibit. Was it worth it?

    Is that a Georgia Southern shirt? :)

  11. Congrats to all!! What a lovely family.

  12. Trish, the exhibit wasn't as good as the Tut exhibit that toured the US in the late 70s. It was interesting and since you are so close I would recommend it. It is always neat to see those types of things close up. Try to get the discount tickets though.

    Yep, I think Taylor did have on a Georgia Southern sweatshirt. He went there his freshman year and played football. Later he transferred to Auburn.

    And yes, I do love Ikea. My DIL discovered the store and first took us there 10 years ago when they lived near Pittsburgh. Monday I bought a set of white curtains for the living room, 2 pillow forms, some fabric and a package of napkins. I have so many patterned napkins from there it will take me years to use them all.

    Everyone else, thanks for the nice things you've said about my sweet family. I'm blessed to have them.

  13. Elijah is adorable! Congratulations to all ;-)

    Was King Tut as good the second time around? Glad you were still able to go!

  14. Beautiful little boy! Great looking family!

  15. What a sweet little guy! You're a hoot with the one bootie but I understand exactly. Let us know when you get the second one over so we know his little piggies are warm.

  16. What a beautiful, sweet family. Lovely photo, really lovely. As for Egyptology, you are introducing your grand daughters to all the fascinating aspects of history, well done.

  17. I just enlarged the last photo. I love your daughter's peaches-and-cream complexion. Just Beautiful!


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