Friday, February 13, 2009

Where do you find inspiration?

For some people it might be something they read or hear that excites their imagination the most. While these modes of inspiration gladden my spirit and quicken my mind, visual inspiration has the strongest impact on me.

At work, where I spent the better part of the day, the walls are white, the artwork is mediocre, and the job is conventional. When we aren't busy, I tend to get bored. It is then that I doodle. I practice writing metaphors....something I remain bad at despite the practice. I daydream. I do remodeling projects in my head. Mental escape is the name of my game.

It was that same tendency towards boredom that made this next project appeal to me. I read in a magazine that some crafters were altering old fashioned Rolodexes and turning them into mini scrapbooks. That gave me the idea to use varied images and quotes to decorate the front and back of Rolodex cards.

This project is not finished. There is much left to do, but you will get the general idea of what I am trying to achieve.

When it is done I might place it on my desk. I will be able to give it a spin anytime I need a mini mental vacation, look at the image that rolls to a stop in front of me and perhaps be transported to another day or time.

I am including snippets of paintings I love, parts of photographs, cut up greetings cards and inspirational quotes, sayings, puns, jokes....anything that "floats my boat!"

Here is a link about Rolodex scrapbooking if you're interested in know more.

This is a link to an altered card set on Etsy.

Ali Edwards has a great blog if you are looking for practical ideas for journaling and scrap booking.

A young mom, who is local to my area, has a creative blog where you will be sure to find a fun project or two is here. Her name is Virginia. I attended a fun class she taught about how to make a book of favorite stuff. I included my love of Sun Chips and movies in mine.

This scrapper's layouts are filled to the brim with crafty goodness. She loads product on a page like nobodies business. Her pieces are fun to look at. Check her out here.

Reminder: If you will be participating in Inspirational Places and Spaces Show and Tell today, please leave me a comment to that effect and I will post a link to your blog below.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my little spot in the cyber world. As always, your interest in my hobbies inspires me and my blogging experience is made all the better for your interest.


  1. I love what you're doing with your rolodex!

    I would say that sunlight is my general inspiration... it energizes my creativity and awakens a desire to press the shutter. I'm also inspired by my family and colors and the endless stream of bloggyhood eye candy!

  2. I love your Rolodex! What a brilliant way to capture your favorite art, people and life. I think you should do some craft mini-vacation give-aways for your bloggyfriends. The winners get to sit at your craft table for a weekend and create. I had fun putting my post together for your Creative Challenge!

  3. That is the coolest idea! What a wonderful way to recycle too.

    I have posted my "Creative Spaces". Come on over and peek into my world.


  4. Very cool indeed. You have such a creative mind and such talent. Like Mod Girl, I'd have to say that I draw my inspiration from the sun.. the late-day sun in particular - when colours are ultra-saturated. Hurry spring!

  5. That's awesome,
    maybe I should make one loaded with inspirational quotes for my clinic.


  6. Love the Rolodex idea! Very aesthetically pleasing. I am very inspired by words. I love quotes, song lyrics and hearing thoughts/musings by wise individuals. Stuff that reminds me of my aspiration to constantly improve myself, and to keep improving my quality of life. I love being exposed to creative people also. So inspiring!

  7. Hey Steviewren. I have my Creative area posted if you want to pop over to see it.

    I love the rolodex idea. I don't have one though.

  8. All this fabulous visual stimulation but really stir the creative juices and keep them flowing. I wish I was surrounded by this kind of stuff at all times. I've heard that subway stations in Russia have chandeliers. Now that, I approve.

    I always enjoy these glimpses into your creative process and outcomes....

  9. I love the rolodex scrapbook! How cool to just flip through the pictures and take a mental vacation. Great idea! Thank you for sharing.


  10. I love it. It's absolutely beautiful and such a creative idea! Especially in a workplace as dreary as you describe, this must be a splash of beauty!

  11. What a great idea! It's just what my daughter needs to brighten her days at the office. Of course anything with quotes is just up my street.

  12. That is just too cool! I get inspiration a lot from people like you. I see something like this and it usually causes a chain reaction of ideas. I'm inspired! Now if I can just get my craftroom/ office done....hmmm. Thanks for sharing

  13. That is an awesome idea. You can twirl til your hearts content.
    Have you seen the sliding Rolodex for scrapbooking also?

  14. What a beautiful post and a great Bloggy idea. I would've participated had I a beautiful inspiring place in my home that wouldn't shame me to post. Could I just put a link to your blog? It's much neater than my house...

    Just testing out my links for our Blicky ol' Karm-a-thon. Peace and Happy Valentine's day!

  15. ..another great idea...I feel myself being challenged to become more creative!

  16. Wow, I LOVE that! Glad I found this blog!

  17. Wow, I LOVE that! Glad I found this blog!

  18. That is so cool! I love unusual, clever ideas using everyday things. I always have vague yearnings, wishing I could think how to make something out of them, but I can never think of anything...

  19. Your rolerdex is so much fun! Do you believe I read it first as "rolex" and I was wondering how do people decorate their watches need new glasses.

    Isn't the wonderful thing about blogging is all the great ideas and finding people who share what we love?

  20. Aw, thanks for the sweet words & link! I love your rolodex! I found one of those at a thrift store about 2 years ago and bought it for the same intentions... but I have yet to start mine! *blush* Maybe that will be a good summer project for me! :)

    I wanted to make mine full of different art techniques & challenges, so that I could flip through mine for inspiration before I start a new project; I read somewhere else where someone did that!


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