Sunday, March 15, 2009


Remember when you used to lie on your back and watch images in the clouds float overhead? Remember pretending you were a giant surrounded by a world of miniatures? Remember thinking 'what if you were a time traveler' and pretending to see cars for the first time or riding in the back of the car pretending to be kidnapped?

pretend clubhouse-bare spot in the center of forsythia

When there's snow on the ground, I like to pretend I'm walking on clouds.
Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata


  1. Oh yes, make-believe was the best form of entertainment for us as kids. We did have toys but not to the extent of today and I loved pretending my little brother was a horse and we would go galloping around the garden while I pretended to be the lady of the manor.... great fun.

  2. ha ha i used to pretend i was a teacher!!!

  3. Make believe was always a wonder as a little girl. Maybe I should try that right now..might diminish some of the pains I am going through at the moment! ha!


  4. I love hearing my grans say;
    " ten like I am a teacher"
    I always pretended I worked at the Library. That was the precurser to book collecting I suppose?

  5. One of my favorite memories is of being able to hide in a row of hydrangeas and pretend I was in another world. This photo and verse does take me back there. I think that is why in my garden you feel enveloped in plants. I like that feeling of hiding from the outside world.

  6. My imaginations was everything to me when I was a child; in fact, I drew and painted everything that I longed for and could not have.
    Loved the sentiment in this post.;)) We should never loose our ability to dream.;)

  7. Ah what a nostalgic feel to this photo. Lovely.

  8. yes, i remember! you've helped me to remember how wonderful it was to be young and create a whole new world in a nothing kind of place. wait, i still do that. hee hee

  9. Yes, I do remember doing that as a child. Do kids still do that? I guess it is a timeless tradition. I will look up in the sky tomorrow and see what is up there in the clouds. Not today I have headache!

  10. When I was a kid my brothers discovered a "room" in the woods behind our house where the trees were all draped with honeysuckle vines. Honeysuckle formed the walls and floor of "Honeysuckle Hideout" and the blue sky was the ceiling. It was magical! We played there by the hour!

  11. I majored at pretend as a child. Can you tell?

    I have an award for you on today's post - stop by!

  12. What a cool blog.
    I had so many dreamy moments as a kid.
    The quote at the end is spectacular too.
    That is something to type up,and print out!:)
    Have a fabulous week!
    Much love,

  13. Imagination is great and sad those who don't have any. I enjoyed reading this Steviewren, and also your kiddies home-school work. Good reponses to the question. - Dave

  14. Oh, yes, I remember those days! Actually hubby and I were sitting in the back yard making cloud pictures just recently. It's still fun...

  15. i can see back where i born and fell how i was ... great shot.

  16. My favorite "pretend" as a child was that I was an Indian -- now more peoperly called Native American --and I would make a bow and arrow and "hunt" in the empty lots and make a pretend camp fire, etc.
    Then I read the book "Nancy Nurse" and my whole focus changed

    I love this photo of your grand daughters playing.

  17. What lovely memories you brought to my mind.

    *wanders off dreamily*

  18. I used to lay off the end of the couch, look up at the ceiling, and pretend that the ceiling was the floor; I was an astronaut that was floating. Weird, but then, I was a really weird (see:creative) kid. I also used to pretend the hay mow (I grew up on the family farm) was my castle, so I'd stack all the bales up into 'castle walls' and then drag all my kitties in there with me. Some days I'd lay blankets out and take naps; watch the sparrows hop around the barn beams when I woke up. I pretended that the straw pile was my pile of gold (because of the color.) I'd slide down and then climb back up the vine (see: rope hung from the rafters.) It was really fun. Gosh, reminiscing about being youthful makes me smile. It was so simple back then. :)



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