Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Series of One Liners

I was sorry to read this morning that my #2 favorite magazine bit the dust as of the March issue-rest in peace Domino.

Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion was my #1 favorite magazine before it folded a few months ago-dang this recession!

The redbud tree is blooming in my back yard.

I've read the strangest books lately and I've grown weary of this weird genre of fiction-give me a good romance novel please!

Listening to birds singing is an instant destressor for me-and I've needed one lately.

I've become a better typist since beginning this blog, which will be to my advantage if I have to go looking for another job anytime soon.

I made $45 tonight, which equaled out to $1 per minute, by taking part in a focus group evaluating cooking oil-nice work if you can get it!

I'm jealous of a co-worker-he left for a one week Roman holiday today.

It is pollen season in Alabama-good thing I'm not allergic-I can still spend my lunch hour in the car.

I miss Project Runway-is it ever coming back to the airways?

I don't have time to doodle in my calendar at work anymore-it feels neglected.

Wondering what to get the man in your life-cars work for me.

Disclaimer: For those of you who are grammar purists...yes, I know I've taken liberties to make my run on sentences into one liners. Go grade someone else's paper!


  1. Aaaachooo!

    Cars are always a winner at our house.

  2. Girl....you are too much! loved the post! Make time to doodle now!
    That babe is a cutie, I'd get him all the cars he wants!

  3. Who cares how you write Steviewren. I liked reading what you wrote. Your little fella seems happy enough with a car. Wait till he gets bigger....! - Dave

  4. Love all the pictures here.;) The flowers are amazing and the boy is a cutie.;)
    I too have improved my English since starting my blog.;)) But I still make many typos and some of the are quiet hilarious.;))
    Happy mid-week to you.;)

  5. Stevie, you have just given me the saddest news....Home Companion is over. I have read it since the beginning. I loved reading every page of it. I especially loved the about the lives of the artists. Now I know for sure the world is upside down!!! Your little grandbaby is so cute. I love your picture of him with the flowers. Go girl. I haven't been able to find the Home Companion for a while. I guess I have too many magazines I try to keep up with that I just kept on going down the magazine aisle. I'm sorry I am hopping around with the rambling, but I wonder what will be next?...If you tell me Artful Blogging and other Stampington books I'll just have to start crying now.

  6. Your little boy is content with matchbox cars now. However, as they grow they want bigger cars. By the time he's two, he'll want a Little Tykes foot powered car. When he's three or four he'll want a Power Wheels. When he's sixteen...oh...let me stop right there.

  7. even we know the book home companion on this side of the pond...omg where is the recession gonna end, maybe cadburys and nestle chocolate will fold next aaaaghhhh. matchbox and corgi toys are every boy's dream.

  8. What a handsome little man you have there. Men do tend to like cars, trucks, tractors, backhoes.

  9. I love your run on sentences! :) I guess it's a good thing you are too busy at work to doodle? My oldest was a car-man at that age...we still have a few bucket's-full!

  10. Oh how I love redbuds, Steph! Great to see that your redbuds started blooming like ours here. Cheers:)
    This weekend I shall take my camera and get some photos, inspired from you:)
    LOL, you became a better typist:) Me, not. Even before beginning this bloggy stuff, I was a confirmed typist. But my typing skill is improving, improving, there's a continuous progress:)
    So fun to read your posts, that make me always laughing.

  11. My redbud died a few years ago! WAA! I need to plant another one. They remind me so much of my grandmother.

  12. I love your posts; run-ons and all!

    Oh boy, my allergies would be going nuts down there... That's some serious pollen.

    That little one is such a ham; so cute!

    I look forward to more doodles----when you have time. :)


  13. This is hilarious! ha ha Oh that pollen looks terrible, I'm glad I'm not a sufferer either but my family is, dang it my kids didn't get my genes in that area.

    Keep the doodles coming.. and the one liners, all grammerly wrong and all. hee hee

    Have a great day!

  14. Wow --that is a lot of pollen! Nothing blooming up here yet -- still chilly,

    Little grandsons are both so cute! I still have all my son's matchbox cars and will pass them on to his son in a few years :)

    I am so afraid for some of my magazines --I don't want to lose any more old friends as I lost three already this year!

  15. I preferred eating lunch in my truck too when I was a full-timer. I would listen to Rush Limbaugh and munch down on my little sandwich. It was my time to chill before heading back to the grind (I was in accounting too so I understand). :o) ♥ ∞

  16. I like this post. A snapshot of what is going on. The blossoms on the tree are very lovely. Your grandson looks so spiffy in his orange jacket...

  17. such a cute idea! surely no one would dare get their big fat red "teacher's pencil" out and grade your blog post!!!!

  18. Hello!!! alittlebirdietoldmeso.blogspot.com is one of the most excellent resourceful websites of its kind. I enjoy reading it every day. Keep it that way.


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