Saturday, March 21, 2009

Joy's Song

Pencils, paints, pens
Implements of impression
Allowing full expression
The opus and the proclamation
Indispensable declaration
Mind's tools, hands employ
Application's imagination
Life's sure joy

Perception's lens
Observe and scrutinize
Speculation's contemplation
Ideas amalgamate and crystallize
Visual refraction
Artistic contraction
Necessary respiration
Life's imagination

Pleasure in observation
Joy in creation
Satisfaction in transformation
Beauty speaking to us
Art speaking through us
Revelation's integration
The Creator's manifestation
Through man's imagination

Written by me a few years ago for a creative writing class...posted in honor of World Poetry Day.


  1. what a great great poem stevie, world poetry day, how you know these things?

  2. Isn't it true that art brings us joy. Love your poem.

  3. Wow, some of those words I have not even heard before. That is a very unique and intelligent poem and a great way of honoring a poetry day.
    Hope your Sunday is great.;)

  4. I'm impressed Stevie! Have a great Sunday.

  5. Beautiful.

    "Visual refraction
    Artistic contraction
    Necessary respiration
    Life's imagination"

    I *do* believe that art is as necessary as breathing for creative artistic people like you.

  6. For once I shall agree with Livy.

    It's a wonderful poem! Thought provocing, meaningful and true. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hey, I've tagged you for a meme! Pop over to the birdbath to see what it's about...

  8. I love it. I may post this is my studio! It is great inspiration for us painter types. Thanks.

  9. I also liked your poem Steviewren. - Dave

  10. very well-said!!! love all the "ations"!!

  11. Very nice! Isn't all of April poetry month?

  12. Accept my belated happy Poetry Day wishes, Steph. Joy in creation, satisfaction in transformation, the Creator's manifestation, Through man's imagination,... these lines made me feel so good, while sun shining over us so strongly early this morning here.
    Loved Loved Loved your writing talent, you're so blessed!


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