Sunday, March 29, 2009

the Ring of Kerry

After a couple of days in Dublin we set out to circle the Ring of Kerry and other points of interest in southwestern Ireland.

Along the way we stopped at Adare with it's quaint cottages:

Another stop was the Rock of Cashel in county Tipperary, which is the traditional site of the conversion of the King of Munster by St. Patrick in the 5th century. The buildings there date from the 12th and 13th centuries.

Many picturesque vistas:
Took a jaunting car ride through the National park in Killarney:

I wrote in my journal that our driver was dirty, with rotten teeth, gaunt face but twinkling eyes. He told stories and made jokes on the long horse and buggy ride along rhododendron and yellow iris lined roads. We passed a large loch with Ross Castle visible on the water's edge on the far side of the lake.

Next stop: Kerry Bog Village. You can see how people lived and worked in Ireland in the 18th century here. If you are ever in the vicinity be sure to stop and explore but don't leave before you sample their Irish coffee....the best I've ever tasted.

What would a trip to Ireland be without a visit to the Blarney Stone? Although I balked at kissing that black slimy looking spot....I already have enough of the gift of gab to do me I think.

On our last night in Ireland we traveled the short distance from Dublin to the former fishing village of Howth. These days it is considered a suburb of Dublin.

We had dinner there and my traveling companions surprised me with a cake...since it was my birthday.
It was certainly a nice way to celebrate getting older.


  1. I love the way you saved and presented these. Beautifully. Makes me want to travel somwhere.. green!

  2. I love all your memories Stevie.

    I think the Rock of Cashel will always be one of my favorite places in Ireland. The first time I saw it, in the 70's, there was nothing around it, it just sort of loomed high on the horizon. My brother and I were able to climb to the top of one of it's towers and look around at the whole valley. Last year when we saw it there was a big highway near it and they did not allow anyone to climb to the top any more, although it looked like they were doing some work to build an staircase to a viewing platform. It was still a beautiful spot and the history of it was chilling.

    I kissed the Blarney Stone X 2! The laying down and leaning over backwards part of it was trickier last time

  3. Pat, it is one of my favorite places too. I loved the wildness of the ruins, the crows roosting up high and all the high crosses. The view of the surrounding countryside was fantastic. I had the best lasagna that wasn't my own I'd ever had in a little place in the town below. We approached Cashel on a freeway but I don't remember seeing it from the ruins. I do remember my first look at it as we drove towards it. It was the sight from a fairy tale.

  4. I wish we had those lovely thatched roofs here!

  5. Very well done and thanks for taking us on this journey.

  6. what an absolute delight, have never visited ireland,been to scotland though. how quaint and the people are all so nice there too i know.

  7. You really keep your albums in a beautiful way.
    It seems that your Ireland trip was a wonderful one; it makes me want to go there now more than ever.
    Thank yo so much for sharing this wonderful journey with us.;)))

  8. Great way to show how you travel. Thanks for coming by the other day. Have a great Monday.

  9. Came back to say your grandson looks so big in your new photos! I love his sweet smile.

  10. Your driver sounds like Darby O'Gill! That first pic of you is especially good. You fit right in with your lovely red hair and Irish looking features, Stevie!

  11. What beautiful pictures! I love the cottages. My neice is going back there next week. Her Da lives there and shee gets to visit each year.

  12. Ireland is definitely a place I want to go someday! We seriously considered a trip there last year, but there were other things that simply had to be taken care of. Alas, but I can't deny I'm glad we did take care of those things. Someday, though. Thanks for giving me a taste.

  13. What a beautiful group of pictures! You must have had such a great time. I would imagine it would be hard to leave such a charming place.


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