Sunday, March 8, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Sunday

My week encapsulated into blog bites:

The drive-through:
You know you eat too much fast food when you start thinking
that the "hand off" would make a great photo series.

The project:
Still working on the white crocheted sweater.

The bargains:
Rachel and I went to the Bent n Dent yesterday hunting for bargains.
A lot of other people had the same idea. We found a few good deals.

The unhappy baby:
That face breaks my heart!

The happier baby:
He's always happier once he's feed....go figure!

The full closet:
I finally ironed my clothes. Yippie, I have something to wear again!

The purchase:
Fabric I bought just because it was cute.

The bills:
I hate doing the bills!

The final design:
This one is titled "I'll support you."

The birthday girl:
This pretty baby girl turns 8 today. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!


  1. Busy girl Stevie, this was really cute!

  2. I had a saying when my kids were younger, "if you can drive through it, I will go to it!" Getting the kids out of their car seats, ugh! I love the new fabric the greens are so pretty!

  3. aaaawww look at that face soooo adorable, it just melts a grandmother's heart...maggie was 7 weeks old yesterday, i think he's about 2 weeks behind.
    btw we were in australia december 2007 and went to a national park, where you could have your photo taken holding a koala bear. what an amazing experience that was!

  4. Loved your week! Rachel looks absolutely radiant!

    I've got to iron all my spring cotton shirts, too!

  5. What's being passed over through the drive-thru? It looks like a pretty nice location.
    Baby sad; baby happy - very cute.
    Love the fabric! Did you go for those curtains, after all?


  6. I almost forgot, I also love the "I'll support you" design. That would look brilliant on t-shirts. Have you thought of doing that and selling on Etsy? I'm sure they'd go like hotcakes.


  7. Who likes bills?? Not me either. Love your fabric and those faces. Beautiful Mommy and baby. Your new project looks interesting. Love the white yarn.

  8. Your grandson is getting cuter every day. Can't wait to see the beautiful white project when its done...

    Your fabric is quite cute. Any ideas on what it will become?

  9. Even 8 years later EG's baby portrait is one of my most favorite ever.

  10. What a lovely way to depict a weekend; I think it sounds like you did a lot of things, found a lot of bargains and managed to be active as well. I would like to wish Elisabeth a very Happy Birthday.;))

    Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment on my yesterdays post, that was very kind of you.

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday, or what is left of it.;)

  11. Blog bites -- fantastic idea! Sweet babies, both of them...

  12. Your little guy is as cute as can be! Busy Stevie - I've accomplished zilch today. I'm tired from yesterdays activities and today's time change. Yawn!!!

  13. Hello, little baby nephew, you are soooo cute! Even the angry face! Kisses!

    Love shopping at the bent and dent. I am jealous!

    Elizabeth is a treasure and blessing, a servant, a thoughtful little girl, a wonderful conversationalist, an artist, lover of Jesus and the things of God...and my little right hand girl, my friend and firstborn.

    Thank you God for answering our prayers and desires by giving us this first child!

  14. Beth, I second all of that! I love that girl...and all of the rest of them too!

  15. What a lovely post, Steph. A bright idea to steal, lol:) I love these kinda weekly encapsulated entries so seeing a bit of your life w/an eye. Hahaa.. ironing, yes, one of the house works I never liked, and won't like.
    Oh before forgetting, let me wish you belated happy women's day -if you believe in it;)
    I'm wondering for your new post today, don't keep us waited s'il vous plait.


  16. I enjoyed your Show and Tell too! What beautiful grandbabies, beautiful sweater project, and beautiful yellow bird. I can so relate to the bills, ugh!

  17. What a fun, productive weekend! I love the bag of Easter grass on top of the if to make them cheery! ha-ha! Happy Day to Elizabeth!

  18. I love this little retrospective, Stevie!

    You know I'm always happier when I'm feed too! LOL! I couldn't resist.
    Would you believe my little three month old grandson is already beginning to teethe? He's been cranky and my DIL noticed a little white spot breaking through on his lower gum. Babies have to go through a lot in early months and their only way to communicate is can be tough.


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