Monday, March 2, 2009

Speaking of bad weather days....

One day last week, I spent my lunch hour in my car as I do so often. I drive to the end of our parking lot and park facing the woods. On nice days I roll the windows down and listen to the birds chirp and enjoy the breeze. Sometimes I listen to my book on tape. Sometimes I listen to NPR. Other times I might read or take a nap. Some days I draw. Last week I flipped through my new copy of Artful Blogging while it rained outside.

You might remember that some time ago, I participated in Marie Antoinette's Birthday Soiree hosted by this blogger. Lavinia Ladyslipper of Birdbath Chronicles was also a birthday celebrant extraordinaire. The blog, Cupids Charm, and the party are featured in the February/April issue of the magazine. Pop over and visit this blog to see lots of frou frou trinkets and pretty tchochkes.

Also featured in the current issue is Geninne's Art Blog. I purchased a print from her that has found a home in my girl's bedroom here at Gramma's house. I love to browse her Etsy shop as well as her blog.

By the time my hour was up the rain had slowed and blue skies were beginning to peek out from behind the clouds again.

And then it was back to work for me.


  1. I think I envy you your lunch hour; it seems so serene and relaxing. Not like mine, spend within 5 minutes in my tiny cubicle, in a very noisy lab, in front of my computer (like I am doing right now).
    Your pictures are very interesting; particularly the one reflecting the tree and the sky in the rain puddles.;)

  2. I love how you spend your lunch hour! Alone and relaxing. Sounds like you found some fellow artsy bloggers in that magazine! I'll have to look for one of those on my next trip to Barnes and Noble!

  3. It's amazing how just a few minutes to yourself can perk you up to get through the rest of the day. It looked like a really peaceful time.

  4. Hey Steph, I do really LOVE your statements -like Spring in February:))

    So cool you are!

    Back to my serious mode, hope this type of weather does not give you depression. If you feel you're bored, call yr travel agency and come to Istanbul. If it goes like this the pool season will start earlier this year, maybe in April:) I'd love to have you and show all around. Unfortunately I can't bring all of wonder+full spots on my little page, but slowly I can.

    Have a bright day as much as you wish & sunny smiles to you.

  5. Peaceful, artful lunch hour! Sounds refreshing.

  6. Wow, what beautiful photos of the rain. : )

  7. Wonderful rain photo's! Thank you for taking all of us to lunch with you. Lavinia and Janeen were squishing me in the back seat and Blicky kept looking at me. Debby rolled down the window and got my hair wet and Sparky ate my Ding Dong! But I still had a lovely time. Sorry Shelly got peanut butter on your book.

  8. It was delightful having lunch with you. I love the photos of the drips in the puddle. You must go back into work somewhat refreshed.

    I have meant to tell you that when your site pops up with the greeting committee on the header it is fun to see.

  9. I am sitting here eating lunch and watching the snowfall. This most of been one strong storm to travel from Alabama to New England. Ah, Mother Nature! I will have to look for that magazine this week. I like to buy my magazines at Jo Ann's I can use the 40% off coupon. I think we have over 8 inches of snow out there!

  10. I'm so happy all of you enjoyed my lunch hour with me! That peanut butter on my book made a mess though! Yuck! BTW, where is my snickers. I can't find it now.

    Denise, I you would never know it snowed yesterday now. It is long gone. I hope yours doesn't last too long. Spring needs to rush.

  11. can't think of a better way to spend a lunch hour!! it has been too cold for me to read in my car at lunch but i'm counting the days until i can. love the photos of the reflections int he puddles!

  12. We got 10 inches of snow! It will be really cold tomorrow so it will last. I hope this will be the last from old man

    Your lunch hour sounds very enjoyable! When my daughter was youung she use to have a one hour class at the Brooklyn Aquarium after school. It took about 20 minutes for me to drive there so instead of going home and then driving back I would sit in the car in the parking lot and read. In the middle of winter I ahd to bring a flashlight for light! I enjoyed it though. It was kind of like reading under the covers.

    Elijah looks so cute on your sidebar. They grow so quickly!

  13. A bloggy adventure is in your future! Start packing!

  14. I especially liked your reflection photos and the expanding circles of ripples Steviewren. Re- your comment on my photo, I left a comment on my blog :) - Dave

  15. I also envy your lunch hours. :)

    Great photos!



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