Sunday, October 3, 2010

Description of My Day

cold hands
red afghan
one chocolate cup cake
conversations with friends
tv movies
the first pot of chili of the fall


  1. For me turned on heat, BIG pot of soup, apple pie!

  2. I could have written this except for no movies and no friends. It was a marvelous day.

  3. Very succinct, Stevie, and it sounds like a very good day! :)

  4. You had me at jeans!!! Lol. Then cake!!

  5. I loved this post, so simple, yet tells a story in just a few words.;) Sometimes quality is what counts, not quantity.;)
    And I think you had a day full of quality as well:;)
    Have a great Monday,

  6. Add a NAP to that list and your day is PERFECT!!!!
    THAT is the way to spend a Sunday!

  7. What a wonderful Sunday! Everyone is talking chili...I need to make some!

  8. ohhhhhhhhhhhh chili - that sounds perfect - it's what i will make tonight.

  9. I love your description of a Fall day! It is still warm here in Southern Calif. I think the weather is supposed to cool down into the 70's this week! I am looking so forward to cool weather, hot tea, afgans and cold hands.

  10. If the chili had meat, I'll eat around it .. otherwise that sounds like the perfect early fall day to me

  11. Sometimes a few words can wrap up the essence of one's day -- you do it very well with -- The Description of Your Day. Thanks for joining up on my blog. I look forward to visiting your blog as well as you stopping in on mine. -- barbara


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