Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Someone Put This Woman in the Movies Please!

Every year at our Murder Mystery Dinners and before that on Halloween,  my friend Nancy has cracked me up with her costumes.
She never fails to amaze me with her imagination and creativity. This year she came as Tatum Tatt. She spent most of the night 'selling' tattoos to the rest of us dinner goers. (Notice her tongue and nose rings)

 Here she is, as Marshall Dalton, last year at Death at Deadwood night.

On  Murder Among The Mateys  night, this is what she looked like.

The year before that the theme was the roaring twenties.  I don't remember her character's name, but isn't she a hoot?

she said she surprised herself that year because she looked so much like her Daddy in that get-up

Murder in Las Vegas was a high roller's heaven and Nancy was a blonde bimbo that night.  Here we are together. This time my role was as a man.

Our first Murder Mystery night had a Mardi Gras theme.  Nancy was a floozy in a fur coat.

Here's a photo I took of her, her daughter and son-in-law and granddaughter on the way to a Halloween party a couple of years ago. They went as the Queen of Hearts, a Checker Board, a Dog Catcher and his dog.

How about you?  Do you have a friend who's a real character or do you have fun getting into a costume yourself on Halloween?


  1. HAHAHA I bet she is the first person on your invite list! I'd love to invite her to our next barn party! Thanks for the smiles.

  2. What fun!! You all must wait with bated breath to see what Nancy will wear each year.

  3. She is really creative.;) Unfortunately, all my friends are far away, but I have one friend that would be very much like that when i was younger.;)
    On another note, congratulations on your POTW mention for your photography post.;))

  4. It looks like you surround yourself with creative people! What a wonderful friend!

  5. Years ago I had a roommate that had what she called the 'Halloween Closet', and throughout the year when discarding old clothing or if she ran across a deal in a store, she would buy the item and place it in the closet knowing that at Halloween someone might need it. She was a hoot!


  6. What a creative woman ... I envy her talents

  7. I've never been very creative with my own costumes but I admire those who are...I do have one friend who loves dressing up and having theme parties...the last I went to had a medieval theme and she and her boyfriend of the time were dressed as the Queen and King of hearts...they were fantastic!

  8. Nancy (and you!) have such good imaginations for costumes when you have these theme murder mystery dinners, Stevie.

    My daughter and her friends are all very creative when it comes to dressing up for Halloween parties. Last year they were characters from the show "Lost" and the year before that they did a "Twilight" theme. I have to ask her what this year's theme will be!

  9. Your friend Nancy is a real hoot! What fun! I haven't dressed in a costume since college I don't think!

  10. Your friend's costumes are all great!

  11. i used to be that way and then went to work for a banking firm...they were so strict

  12. Wow - she is a great, fun character!

  13. Nancy certainly likes to "dress up" and does it really well. The rest of you look pretty good too Steviewren. My siter-in-law and brother-in-law frequently go to dress-up parties too and though I have never seen them I believe they look great too. They live in the southern part of New Zealand while we live in the North - too far away to see them. You are never too old to have fun! - Dave

  14. Halloween is my favorite holiday (I'm 40, by the way!) I throw one heck of a Halloween Party every other year. I go way overboard - all Martha Stewart-y and it is a LOT of work; I have to begin decorating the house in September.
    As for costumes, my husband is always trying to improve his zombie look; and last year I went as an evil rag doll.
    Love your photos!

  15. She is just a hoot! I lurve to dress up too but not to many places around here to go to so that's why I enjoy my tea parties. ha ha


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