Sunday, October 17, 2010

Murder in Margaritaland

It's happened again!  Our annual Murder Mystery Dinner night has resulted in another killing! 

 (Of course the main event of the evening is inherently given in the title so what did I expect?)

This year's cast of characters ran the gamut of everyone from two powerful millionaires, Thurston Howard III and Lucky Numbers, a recent lottery winner,  to a bartender, Jack Daniels, with a reputation for being the Casanova of the pool bar, from a 'recovering' alcoholic movie star, Starr Bright, to a overly ambitious bellhop, BJ Baggage,  from a high powered Hollywood agent better know as Agent Hollywood,  to a professional surfer champ, Sandy Beachbum,  and every kind of character in between.

Let's not forget to mention Coconut Joe and his wife Coconut Jane who run the resort. There is also Bindy Barkeep who manages the bar and her gold-digger waitress Kylie, Lifesaver Sam, the life guard, ambitious Cabana Bob, Tatum Tatt, the island tattoo artist, Candy Cotton, the girlfriend of Thurston Howard III, the honeymooners, Mike and Margie Mooner, as well as Izzie Islander and Sgt. Lord, a police office who just happens to be at the resort the night of the murder.

Me?  Let me introduce myself. I'm Managing Mo, Sandy Beachbum's manager. I'm here to make sure Sandy stays healthy and to get him out of retirement.

 I may as well dress for pleasure, even though this trip is strictly business for me.
I made this suit myself, so be sure and vote for me for best dressed....or maybe best undressed.

 After enjoying a island meal family style and getting to know our fellow travelers a bit...
....a horrible scream rang out!  Jack Daniels the bartender was dead!

Sgt. Lord took over ascertaining details from resort guests as well as gathering evidence.
Sgt. Lord and Kylie Cocktail

Did Tatum Tatt do it?

Maybe it was Bindy Barkeep..she has been worried that Jack Daniels philandering ways were going to ruin the bar business.
It could be that these seemingly carefree honeymooners have an ulterior motive for visiting the island...aside from the obvious motive that is....

Or maybe it was Cabana Bob who did it...or maybe not....

Don't worry Sgt. Lord will get to the bottom of this crime...and if he can't we'll all help him!

looking over the evidence

discussing the leads in the case

The heinous killer and his motive were eventually discovered and he was carted off to the island lock up.  

I could tell you who done it, but then I'd be ruining the fun for you if you decide to have your own Murder Mystery Dinner.

Sorry, our group shot was a bit blurry.


  1. I love these annual parties and posts! Looks like SO much fun! You, Stevie are a HOOT! You look smashing with all of that 'skin' showing! :)

  2. Heee heee heee... love the bikini shot! How inventive.


  3. These annual costume parties of yours are just the BEST! Ya hear me, THE BEST!! I lurve the photos! I lurve how everyone dressed the part - of course yours was the best costume evah - and the decorations were fantastic, etc. SO MUCH FUN, I WISH I WAS THERE!!! I could be Rita, hence Margarita! ha ha

  4. Yep, we all love the bikini, Gramma!

    I think what made me laugh the most (besides the bikini) was our blue-haired tattooed friend. She's a hoot! And then then honeymooners - it was just neat to see their faces!

  5. Oh, I love your outfit!;))) I have always wanted to attend one of these, it sounds like a lot of fun.;) It also looks so warm there, here it is already way too chilly to be out barbecuing like that.;))

  6. What a fun bunch of friends you have. What a blast. I love your suit.. so creative and the photos so colourful. So is it just me, or does anyone else think that the honeymooning bride is really Sarah Palin?

  7. What a fun party! I can understand why the last group shot might be blurry! Perhaps some salt residue on the camera - or the true picture from the eye of the beholder!

  8. Your costumn wins hands down! What a great time!

  9. LOVE your costume, I would buy one like that for a friend in a nano sec!

  10. How funny! I love your outfit, you wanton wild woman!

  11. what fun!!!! i've always wanted to do one of these but my friends are unfun in this way.

  12. Stevie you costume was perfect for Margaritaville's so funny! It looks like you all had a fun time at your annual murder/mystery party!

  13. This must have been a blast. It looks like so much fun. Wish I could have been there.

  14. Looks like a good time was had by all Steviewren. Good on you. Take care with that 'bikini.' - Dave

  15. The party looks like lots of fun! What a clever outfit you made for yourself. I love a good murder mystery. I have been reading a series of "Knitting Mysteries" by Maggie Sefton. They are very light reading, but mysteries non the less.
    Have a nice day!

  16. I have looked forward to this post! SUCH A BLAST!
    You looked brilliant!!!!

  17. Sounds like wonderful fun! You sure look great in that bikini....that particular kind is the only kind i could ever hope to wear! :-) Hope you have a wonderful week Steviewren. :-)

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