Monday, October 4, 2010

What does a Dental School and a Park have in Common?

 my constant view for over a year now

Nothing, except that it's a beautiful day. I had just finished another appointment at the dental school. (Oh what a long process getting an implant is)  Being close by, there was no way I was going to waste the perfect opportunity to check out Birmingham's newest urban park.

Railroad Park is a 19 acre green space located in a 4 block area that used to be a flat wasteland of weeds and railroad tracks between Downtown on the north and Southside and UAB on the south. The park rises and falls in a gentle interpretation of the city's hilly terrain. On the north the occasional train chugs past runners and strollers alike.
a little boy and his dog watch while a train passes

with a view of Downtown behind them, some picnickers enjoy lunch on a little hillside

 ...sitting in the sun with a good book, I like the way this guy thinks

The site includes a 2 acre lake, man made wet lands, over 600 trees and masses of flowers as well as a bistro with plenty of seating under a tin roofed pavilion where one can enjoy a snack or a meal. You can see some beautiful photographs that other park goers have taken here if you are interested.

I was there right around noon. It seemed like there were lots of people there just like me, outside enjoying a beautiful day.


  1. What a beautiful place. Lucky you to be able to enjoy it. I hope your mouth isn't too sore now.

  2. Thanks for the good wishes Lisa. At this point in the process, the dental work doesn't hurt. I'm just tired of going down there. Cross your fingers....the next trip will be the last foregoing any problems! Yippee!

  3. Best of luck on the tooth, Stevie. You're so brave.

  4. here's hoping you are done soon--never fun sitting in the dentist's chair--you have the right attitude though!

  5. It is always so nice with some green areas to walk in around, particularly on a beautiful day. Sorry about your dentist appointments, I hope they are not too hurtful.;)

  6. Have a friend who takes his son to the UAB dental school - always good, from what I hear.

  7. What great shots! I especially love the boy and his dog!

  8. Beautiful day! I am in process of having a dental implant also. My tooth was pulled about a month ago. I have heard that a dental school is the way to go because of cost? Right now I am going to an oral surgeon.. but I guess that can change. Let me know what you think of the dental school.
    Thank you- Crickit

  9. Looks like a pleasant place ... and I hear implants are wonderful but they do take months of appointments and healing ..

  10. I had to go through an implant the year before my youngest daughter was was a long,long drawn out ordeal and I was very fortunate to have a tooth for the wedding:)

    Isn't it wonderful how so many communities are using old train tracks for public parks? I visited NYCs Highline Park last spring and fell in love...Here in RI many of the old tracks are converted to bike and walking paths...Love it!

  11. A little oasis in the midst of concrete yes? How nice.

    DENTIST! Oh no! I hope your process is done SOON!

  12. I'm glad your implant process is almost over! I know how long thay take as I had one done for a molar..I'm happy I did it!
    I love the photo of the little boy with dog watching the train. My grandson loves trains!


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