Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Please Excuse The Boring Subject Matter

Today I attempted to break away from my usual self and draw something non-human. My choice of subject matter was due to availability and had nothing to do with inspiration or interest. Although, if you would like to hear the standard art class critique bs I will be happy to oblige you.

"I chose this tape dispenser as the inspirational starting place for my upcoming series entitled 'Fission and Fusion: The Natural Push and Pull of Human Interaction.' I will be using everyday implements of the home and workplace to demonstrate man's need for an ongoing exchange of positive perceptions as well as a repulsion of negative attachments. Staplers, push pins, scissors and spatulas are a few of the objects that will be featured in my series. My goal will be to encourage you to see new possibilities for the relationships in your life through the insights you gain from viewing this groundbreaking series of paintings."

If you didn't understand a word I just wrote, it's okay as long as you are impressed and feel a certain amount of awe of today's drawing......

And now I give you.....

the simple tape dispenser......

ta da!!!!

As inspired by the real thing...

If you weren't sure, this is the fusion part of the series.

"It is one of the commonest of mistakes to consider that the limit of our power of perception
is also the limit of all there is to perceive."
C. W. Leadbeater


  1. "If you didn't understand a word I just wrote,..."

    Perhaps it should be entitled "Fission, Fusion and Confusion" ;)

    A great likeness for sure. :)

  2. But you draw reeeeeeeeeal good, Stevie...

  3. Suddenly I see the tape dispenser as a metaphor for the familial bonds of childhood that can be torn or severed in an instant. Wow, Stevie - you really made me think.

    :-D And it's a really great drawing,too!

  4. Why is a drawing of something, always so much more attractive than the actual object?

  5. I think you brought out the real inner beauty of this dispenser. It is usually hidden deep in a drawer behind the broken pencils and pens that just will not work, but yet there they are. You have indeed given this tape dispenser a reason to shine! Okay, I have had too much coffee. Nice drawing! Unexpected!

  6. Diahn, I see you have the gift of artistic bs too! Do you mind if I borrow your will make my bs sound even better!

    Now on to scissors as the symbolic cutting away of man's unhealthy addiction to unfettered consumerism.........?????

  7. Sometimes it is the simplest things that inspire us and this is an inspired drawing!

  8. Steviewren - you have such an incredible gift. I know you don't do this for a living, but why? You should start an online business with stationery and t-shirts etc. Other folks have done it (with far less talent, I might add) why not you?

    I received a few postcards from your posse yesterday. They brightened my day so much! I've been feeling like @#$% (pardon my language!) and they just gave me a little spot of happiness in the midst of my misery.

    Thank you so much to Nihal, whose view of Istanbul is so captivating that I can't take my eyes off it.
    Thanks to Pat for a panorama of NYC and some very kind words on the back (love the kitty too)!
    Thank you Betsy for the fantastic recipe. I love to make home-made soups and this one looks delish.
    Thanks to Mod Girl for the Gruyere Grits recipe. I love Gruyere in fondue, so I'm sure I'll love it with grits (although I'm not sure I can get them in Canada).

    Most of all, thanks to our hostess-with-the-mostess, Steviewren, for allowing me to receive cards even though I'm unable to participate myself. Thank you.

    Stevie - I loooove your card! You really are a prodigious talent.
    (Gotta get me a cork board now for my office, so I can display every one.)

    Love to all,


  9. Okay! I'm impressed! :-D
    Wonderful drawing and fantastic writing.

  10. You've really captured the likeness, but improved on it with that special, magical "Steviewren" style!

  11. I can't wait to see the Fission.

    I can see you are going to make me think every time I come here. this is a good thing. Love the drawing.

  12. Now that tape dispenser drawing could be hung on the wall and admired forever under the title "Office Still Life:"

    Thanks for your nice comments about my future grand ... it's all so exciting!

  13. You sure have a talent. It's nice to "Step" out and try other things. Blessings. Strider

  14. Yes I am impressed and in awe of your drawing ability, Stevie.You can even make a tape dispenser inspire me.


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