Monday, September 29, 2008

Willow's Soire

I'm just back from a sneak peek over at Willow Manor. The house is a-buzz with all of the preparations for the grand ball October 1st. All the girls are chattering about this dreamy hunk and that suave fellow, of this Vera Wang gown and that pair of diamond studded slippers.

I thought you might need some help picking out the perfect pair of slippers to wear to dance the night away.

How about this pair of Christian Louboutin silver beaded satin 'Perchoir' slingbacks for $712?

Or this pair of Jimmy Choo 'Diva' Watersnake & leather slingbacks for 395 pounds?
I like these Manolo Blahnik 'Sadarby' Satin D'Orsay pumps for $675.

What do you think of these Peacock Beaded satin 'Let's Go' pumps by Louboutin?
I like this pair of Louboutin 'Rosazissimo' feather shoes. They're only $760. Extremely affordable.
As for me, I'm considering wearing these.

Maybe with the right shoes, my Prince will come.

If you haven't made your plans to attend the ball yet, hurry and return your RSVP. It's sure to be the social engagement of the year.


  1. Oh those peacock Louboutin shoes are to die for!!! But I don't want to be taller than my date. Darn. Wonder if I can find some like that in a ballet slipper style?

    Ooops...better get back...the phone is ringing off the hook! This is too much fun!!

  2. I just bought this month's In Style magazine and there is an article on C Laouboutin's chateau in France. Shoes have been very good to him. I have not read the article yet, so maybe he had some old famly money to help him along.
    I would like to join the soire. Is it like the fall outing where we post what we would wear and all that on our own blog? It seemed like a lot of fun!!!! I have been busy lately and just can not seem to catch up with all my blog visits.

  3. Hi there! I just dropped by your place and I felt so comfortable, so "at home" that I am afraid that I forgot my manners and stayed much too long. From the Manolo Blahnik 'Sadarby' Satin D'Orsay pumps to the Fiesta Ware adorned with such tempting fare that was calling "Allons Mange`I mysterously felt like have been there before...

    Anyway... the thing is... what I really mean is, I would like for you to come over to my place for a visit real soon. Get down and come on in, cher, I'll bake us a cake.

  4. "Frach," Mais, I goofed, I forgot to put my address so that you could find me. Please come soon

  5. Denise, that exactly the type of party it is. Or if you don't have time you could just visit Willow Manor and enjoy all the festivities there.

    His child, thanks for your nice compliments and I will visit your place later today!

  6. Love those beaded shoes! Gorgeous! They would look great with my gown! ;)

  7. Oh Steviewren! Each shoe is soooo gorgeous! Now, dancing till Midnight in them? Well, I think I just WILL at Willow Manor!!!

  8. I'm with Willow! I love those peacock shoes, BUT, sadly they won't go with my dress. I'm still hunting for the right pair.

    Do you have any handbags, Steviewren?

    What music will we be dancing to, I wonder?


  9. You can put my name on the peacock ones! Boy, those are beautiful.

  10. I think you have picked a definite winner with the peacock shoes. They are just gorgeous. I must stick to flats though. I, too, would be to tall with those shoes, I'm so looking forward to all the fun.

  11. Wish I could attend but we'll be flying to a tropical paradise tomorrow for a little celebration of our own! :-) See you in a week!

  12. I came over to ax you which shoes yer gonna wear. I like them glass one. Them are nice.

  13. Pure poetry! The Louboutin's would complement my tiarra perfectly! Isn't it wonderful how dancing feet never get sore at a cyberball!

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