Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wishful thinking, I think

Home schooling assignment

"If I lived in the White House.....I would spend money
on people who don't have any money. I would find parents for orphans."

Bet you didn't know you can make really cool crowns out
of packing peanuts and use them as agents of torture on your baby brother.


  1. Children are the best; completely honest, uninhibited and straight forward. And they make more sense than adults most of the time.;)

    To tell you the truth, I am totally fascinated by the packing peanuts; especially the bio degradable ones that can melt in water.:P
    I guess I am a child deep down.;))

    Your kids are lovely.;)

  2. Protege, the water melting type were the ones they were playing with. She was making all kinds of things out of them by wetting the ends and sticking them together. Those crazy peanuts are fascination worthy!

  3. You are such a fun grandma, Stevie!

  4. Packing peanuts are interesting objects. I didn't know you could make crowns with them.

  5. Stevie....the kids brought back memories. In our house, it was two older brothers( by 10 & 6 years)
    who tortured the baby sister!
    Kids are the secret to life!


  6. Hmmmm, I think that your daughter should be president...with THAT kind of plan...she is a winner!

    Packing peanuts as an agent of torture? I will NOT allow my older children to see this post...they do NOT need any more ideas!!! ;)

  7. Those were wonderful essay answers. I hope she will be President someday!

    Kids always find ways to have fun -- cute photo!

  8. I see that creativity is being passed on to your grandkids. They all look quite happy, some more than others!
    I also see different shades of red hair, is that right? My youngest daughter has red hair. She was born blonde and it changed to red when she was about 4 months old. It runs on my husband's side!

  9. Love it all. Such sweet hearts. A good homeschooling mama behind those kiddos, and a great Gramma behind the mama :-)

  10. your 'grands' are awesome, what a delight, can see you are an awesome gran....isn't it fun???

  11. and see my blog for a new award for you 'sister'.

  12. Gosh. That picture looks the very definition of a happy childhood.

  13. Very sweet. The essay and the grandkids.

  14. the girls look so much like you!!! what a fun homework assignment and good to know big sisses still do a tad of baby brother torturing. hee hee

  15. ...if only....

    I will now be saving any packing peanuts I receive for when my grandchildren are old enough!

  16. That hat is so cute and hilarious! The kids look so happy.... It's wonderful!

    I love their White House answers. :)



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