Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Eternal Imperatives

My mother said:
Brush your teeth.
Make up your bed.
Eat your eggs.
Put your dishes in the sink.
Pick up your clothes.
Turn the TV off.
Go outside and play.
Stop being mean to your brother.
Take your feet off the furniture.
Don't butt in.
Say yes ma'am and no sir.
Be sweet.
Sit up straight.
Eat your okra.
Clean up these toys.
Do your homework.
Don't talk back.
Mind your manners.
Go take a bath...use soap.
Time for bed.
My mother said she wished she had made a recording that she could play for us everyday instead of having to repeat the same things over and over.

I said all the same things to my kids with the additions of these:
Stop jumping on the furniture. (to my ADHD son)
BOYS, stop fighting.
Come pick this trash up.
If you can't play that video game without a fit you will have to turn it off.
Stop rolling on the floor. Sit in the chair and finish your homework. (same ADHD son)

Motherhood never changes does it? Gosh I miss those days.


  1. My mother still tells people that I "never made my bed", which is an out and out lie! I think if I go before her, she'll make that my epitaph!


  2. It's so true, a Mother's job is definitely 24/7.
    A friend of mine's Mother used to tell her "If you fall off that tree and break your legs don't come running to me!"
    I guess a sense of humor is an essential.

  3. Oh, this was fun! I don't think I've ever made okra, so I've never said that one. But all the rest...yes! But the one I've said by far the most...'Turn down the volume!' ( to autistic sons! )

  4. it is a very grownup day when you hear what my mother always said coming from my mouth.

  5. Raising kids is a lot of work isn't it? But we love it! Hee hee. My moms thing was not to
    disturb her while she was on the phone or paying the bills. I totally get it now. Ha ha ha

  6. Thanks for the reminder that there is a time I will look back on the hassles of raising teens and miss it.

  7. Yes, I recall my mom using the same sentences.;))
    Sometimes I wish some of the moms in my neighborhood would say more often "Stop screaming!". Is it me or are today's kids screaming more?;)) We were hushed at all times.;))

  8. I miss those days, too. Sometimes the house is so quite. I am fortunate to have great kids and a great mom!
    You asked about my tiles, you have a great eye. I did tear the paper and did a bit of distressing.

  9. Too true. And some of those parental words evolve to:

    Call me if you're going to be home later than expected.

    Don't get into his/her car if he/she's been drinking.

    .. and other scary thoughts... sigh!

  10. i was thinking the same thing -- i miss it!!!! i miss being home with my siblings and playing and laughing and running and eating together. it's been 35 years since i lived at home with my brothers and sister and i can close my eyes and see it and feel it still today.

    i also miss the chaos of being a mom -- pushing, loving, cajoling, worrying, loving, sharing, worrying. i miss all of it. when they left the nest i thought i would never be able to fill my heart for the emptiness. but life goes on and we find new projects to love.

  11. I wonder if that list (with appropriate ethnic/regional variations) doesnt come with the Mother's Manual ..

  12. So true, Stevie! My children still remind me that I use to warn them to be careful crossing the street a million times in one day.

    I miss motherhood too!

  13. But Stevie! What about the immortal 'if everyone was jumping of a bridge, would you do that too? Oh. Wait. That's not an imperative. That's a rhetorical question....

  14. tee hee all look oh so familiar, my son also had adhd when young (and almost 30 years ago it was so new... i put him on a 'no additives, colourings' etc diet (particularly reds and yellow foordstuffs) and it worked like a dream. today he is 33 and not adhd any more and maggie's daddy, so just hang in there girl!


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