Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday my Lovelies!

Yesterday we celebrated my 3rd granddaughter's 8th birthday as well as my oldest son's (her daddy) birthday. She was born on the 22nd and he on the 23rd.

I was 20 when he was born. I remember looking at his tiny little face and thinking, "I'm going to be responsible for this person for the next 20 years" and thinking that was a lifetime away. And now it is moving closer to 2 lifetimes away from that moment 35 years ago. My, how my family has grown. I've loved every addition.

(It seems every other day is someone's birthday though! My daddy's is this coming week and another grandson's birthday is the week after....I call this the birthday season!)

The birthday girl enjoying a swim.

Her older sister takes care of their brother in the pool.
He is telling me not to take his picture, although
I don't know why.

Most of her pictures last night sport this look. What a camera ham.

Me with my oldest and youngest sons.
Happy Birthday Daniel!


  1. Congratulations to everyone!
    Lovely pictures; what a great pair of sons, you must be so proud.:) Children are indeed the meaning of life...
    Have a great Sunday evening.;)

  2. Happy days are here again... What a beautiful family. Cheers.

  3. What fun times! We in our birthday season, too!

  4. Mom, that picture of Avery is so good! Looks you all had a great time. Sorry we missed it.

  5. beautiful expressions and photos... happy birthday s to all!

  6. OH...what a grand time.
    I am partial to summer birthdays...such a great time to have cake, ice cream and a SWIM!!

  7. what a beautiful family! hope you have many more happy celebrations with them for years to come.

  8. They're such happy looking kids and you have every reason to feel the pride that you so exude. Congrats to all. :)

  9. Stevie, you have the BEST family, you lucky girl.

  10. LOVE the Thurber on your sidebar. I've lived here for the longest time and have never seen the Thurber House downtown. I must go this fall. I'll be sure to blog about it!

  11. What a handsome family, Stevie, in our family June is the birthday, anniversary month

  12. Aren't we fortunate to both have Avery's? It always looks like your gang has the most fun. Your sons are quite handsome. Let me know when you are coming to Atlanta.

  13. Happy birthday to your son and grand daughter! You were a young Mother, but now you are lucky to have the joys of being a young grandmother!


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