Thursday, August 6, 2009

I dont' think I could be any more tired

Being a full time Gramma is kicking my butt!

As you've probably guessed by now, I've been keeping a couple of my granddaughters while my son and his wife are away on a 10th anniversary trip to the Canadian Rockies. Their other grandmother and I have switched kiddos every couple of days. I'm Gramma and she is Mawmaw. Mawmaw is keeping the 2 year old full time. Another of her granddaughters is spending the summer with them as well so we have 5 girls between us.

On Tuesday, the oldest 3 girls came home with me. After lunch Wed. we went to the Museum as planned. EG was curious about everything and was happy to take her time looking at everything on display. The other two girls had fun dashing from room to room. I don't think they noticed much else besides the naked people. Rachel and Elijah meet us there. Thanks to her I was able to spend time with my young artist.

No flashes allowed!

Afterwards we did something fun for everyone. Doughnuts!!!!!

EG and MK watch doughnuts being made.

MK and her cousin MB enjoying some sugary goodness.

He didn't get a doughnut but he liked the hat!

The artist agrees that this was a good way to end the day.

Full of sugar and happy!


  1. I'm exhausted (but thrilled) after having my two grandchild just for one overnight! We forget how much energy we expended raising our own kids! Looks like everyone is having lots of fun!

  2. they are just so adorable - what a fun outing.

    the museum in montgomery has an interactive kids section that we love.

  3. Gorgeous grands, Stevie ... and I wouldnt mind ending the day with a Krispy Kreme myself

  4. I bet you ARE tired! So funny about the naked people. When I was that age thats all I thought National Geographic magazine was all about!

    I could SO eat a few of those doughnuts right now!

  5. Awww. Aren't they sweet with or without the donuts? I have one granddaughter, she's only five months old. I look forward to such moments.

  6. It sounds like you are having too much fun. You needed a sugary donut to keep up with them no doubt.

  7. :-D This is a fun happy post! Beautiful girls!

  8. Too cute! You are going to miss them when they have to go home and back to school. They are so cute. I know they will have all these memories for the rest of their lives. Cute little girls. We both have little artists.

  9. Fun times!!! When this week is over YOU should get a vacation to the Canadian Rockies! Precious, precious girls.

  10. Watching the doughnuts being made is the best part! Glad they liked the museum.

  11. hey there!
    I love ur blog!!! So much excitement, so much fun and so much enjoyment of life!
    believe me, i tried making mine as wonderful as urs but have a long long way to go!
    ur grandkids must be having a rocking time with you... and do do drop in at my place too, sometime soon!

  12. Your grandkids are adorable! I am sure they will recall every minute spend with you, as I always did with my grandparents.;)

  13. Gosh, I'm exhausted just looking at all the fun! Y'all are a great looking family. So glad that your grandkids could visit and be with their loving grandma. Y'all have a great weekend and try to rest a bit. Thanks for sharing such sweet photos. God bless! :)

  14. What a nice Grandmother you are! Ten years of marriage is certainly something to celebrate!
    A donut is always a special treat!
    You have beautiful grandchildren.

  15. I hear ya honey! I kept "the girls"
    7 & 10 year olds for a week after making the 600 mile round trip to pick them up! WHEW! There is a reason women stop bearing children by a certain age!! You need to be under 40 to keep up with them!! HA!
    Your grans are gorgeous and I'm sure you feel like I do, their worth it as long as it's a temporary thing?

  16. More donuts! Such a fun day and I would have loved to tag along on the trip to the museum too.... I lurve that kind of thing.

  17. Glad to catch up with you this evening Stevie! Unfortunately two of my friends lost their elderly parents this week, and I have been attending wakes all week.

    Your grand daughters are so sweet and your grandson has gotten so big! I know how exhausting it is to watch them extensively ( my arms hurst from holding my grandson when I visited him but just think of all the special memories you've given them!

    You are very blessed!


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