Thursday, August 27, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday

Hooray, Marie is back at Cpaphil Vintage Postcards and that means PFF is back!

You might remember that I recently took a week of vacation to help babysit for my granddaughters, while their parents took a 10th wedding anniversary trip. My son managed to keep the destination secret until they were at the airport. My daughter-in-law thought they were going on a getaway to Chattanooga, a nice place to visit, but a city they had seen many times before.

Instead, the Canadian Rockies were the place he had in mind. They flew into Calgary, spent the night, had Sunday Brunch in the 360 degree restaurant atop the Calgary Tower and then traveled on to Lake Moraine in Banff National Park.

Thanks guys for sending me a postcard from know that's just the souvenir I wanted.....(cause I asked you for it. *grin*)

See the Calgary Tower in the center of the card.

My son and daughter-in-law are natural photographers. They both have an unfailing eye for detail and beauty. I asked if I could share a few pictures from their trip with you. I think all of these were shot at Lake Moraine.

My DIL said he took the long shots.

And she took the close ups.

Don't you love the texture and pattern in this photo?

Can you believe how clear and blue the water is?

I hope you liked taking this Friday mini vacation with me. It's the reason I enjoy PFF so much....seeing the world postcard by postcard with you. Happy PFF!


  1. That was a wonderful destination. I know they loved their trip. Those pictures could be framed. They are so beautiful. It looks like such a peaceful and serene location. I know they appreciated the time away. I am loving my hair. It is so much easier. Your hair is cute, mine was so stringy and had absolutely no body. Happy PFF back at ya!

  2. What fabulous photos! Your son and DIL are *definitely* natural-born photographers. What eyes for detail and framing!

    Happy PFF!

  3. The images here are almost unreal. As you say, the clarity of the water is uncanny. I have never seen a lake this clear, ever.
    Beautiful photography in every aspect. And a lovely couple as well.;)

  4. Beautiful scenery !!!
    Love the second last & the last photo !

  5. I DID enjoy the little vacation. What a wonderful surprise. Love the pic of the flower with the mountains in the background.
    My MIL (91 to date)moved close to us in 2004,with her hubby of 65 years. FIL passed 1 1/2 years ago. MIL was in four bands in Houston. So joined one here, then another, and still another. I joined in when Papau left. She taught me hula and ukulele and has truly brought me out of my shell of comfort. The uku is pretty easy to get started on.
    Thanks for stopping by, come back anytime. I, too have enjoyed my time in blogland ;-)

  6. What a beautiful place! I love the picture with the clouds around the mountains...looks so mysterious. We sure don't have any mountains in Ohio! Two years ago I went to southern California and just couldn't get over the huge mountains that surrounded the city....what beautiful scenery to look at every day!

  7. The pictures are amazing. I had to put a jacket on to look at them.
    Happy PFF dear friend!

  8. A lovely mini-vacation! The shot of the mountains with cloud around is stunning!

  9. Oooh what a wonderful way to end this scenic tour in Calgary with such great post, dear Steph. No doubt I'd love to spend time outdoors, and appreciate beautiful scenery there as it looks like super natural place to visit; noted on my wishlist:)

    TGIF & Happy weekend wishes to you~

  10. I've been there (Banff) several times and spent much more time in the backcountry of Glacier, just across the border. The alpine lakes ALL look like that! Beautiful photographs all!

  11. Spectacular shots! Wow - natural photographers for sure! I've been to that lake - it's really amazing, isn't it? So clear and blue - just lovely! Be sure to tell them thanks from all of us for sharing their beautiful photos!

  12. Those two dont look old enough to be married let alone to be married 10 yrs! And the pix are really good, thanks for letting Stevie share!

  13. Nice photos. My favorite is the flower closeup.

  14. Love the Postcard fridays and the pictures of my baby.

  15. Absolutely wonderful scenic shots! Not too sure if I'd enjoy Brunch on top of the Calgary Tower though?

  16. gorgeous shots!!! absolutely stunning - just the sort of place I would love to visit.

  17. How wonderful! A mini-vacation for us all! Loved the postcard and the photos were wonderful...clear water and beautiful color. Thanks!

  18. Just gorgeous.. I could live in that country! Oh wait.. ;)

    I'm back home now, so please don't hesitate to send me that bat video. I can rotate it for you so that it views normally.

  19. Howdy
    Happy PFF thank you so much for sharing the beauty with us today.
    What a great group of fabulous photos.
    Blessings to you and yours.
    Have a fabulous weekend.
    Happy Trails

  20. Was fun to see the pics this way!

    Thanks AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN for making it possible, super-gramma!

  21. Stunning! The crystal clear lake and the reflections in the water amazing.

  22. How romantic that he kept their anniversary destination hush hush! You're right! The are both extremely talented photographers too:)

  23. Wow amazing pictures. I said the same thing about that clear water. God is better than he has to be! Please share my thanks to for their pictures.

  24. What an amazing place! Lovely pictures!

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