Wednesday, April 16, 2008

6 Degrees of Separation

We have a temporary employee in our office whose real occupation is being a back up singer for James Ingram. She has sung with various artists throughout her career. Of course we didn't mince any words with her. On her first day there, no within the first hour we began questioning her. Who do you know? Where have you been?

This got me thinking about what the playwright John Guare said:

So I conducted an informal questionnaire this afternoon. I asked each one in the office at that time. Do you know anyone famous? Does anyone you know, know anyone famous?

This is what I learned.

Big D met Hulk Hogan through a former job. He also shook hands with Dennis Rodman in an airport somewhere in the good ole USA. Big D's mother once met Blair Underwood in a restaurant.

New mother K has a picture of herself with Alice Cooper so I assume she met him. (I heard this from someone who has seen the picture in question since New mother is at home presently with New baby).

Shoe loving A once met Barbara Bush and Kitty Carlisle although not on the same met Pete Rose and Mickey Mantle. He also met former AL governor George Wallace. Shoe loving A's mother met Lucy Arnaz. A's brother was BIg AL (mascot at the University of Alabama) and he has met Joe Namath and Kenny Stabler. Her family seems to attract celebrities, don't you agree?

A former employee had a picture of himself shaking hands with Al Gore. (again this information was reported to me second hand).

Back up Singer D not only knows the aforementioned James Ingram but she has also met all of the following: John Legend, Steven Spielberg, Patti Austin, Dave Koz, Phil Perry, Spike Lee, Johnny Carson, Barbra Streisand, Jesse Jackson, Quincy Jones, Natalie Cole, Debbie Allen, Tyler Perry, Berry Gordy, Roberta Flack, Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle and all of Earth, Wind and Fire.

Although, I have never met anyone famous I do have a good friend whose husband writes jokes for Jay Leno. And I was once in a restaurant at the same time as that redheaded girl on "That 70s Show".

Hey, wait a minute, let me see....there is no more than three degrees of separation between me and all of those celebrities named above. COOL BEANS!

Please try this experiment at home and let me know the results.


  1. Your son and daughter-in-law once saw George Bush (not GW) eating in the same restaurant we were.

  2. For those of you not fortunate enough to know "Steviewren" in the flesh, she is a very creative, smart, funny, and an overall joy to be around. And also, a "Geminice."
    I love your blog. Vote for John McCain- Shoe loving A

  3. One of my good friends met Bono in a New York bistro last year.

    I brushed shoulders with Christian Laettner when I was in high school.

  4. Beth, I forgot about the close encounter with the former President.

    Thank A for the compliment. You are Geminice too. (our b'days are both in June-Geminis)

    Mod girl, I don't know who Christian Laettner is. I will have to do some research.

  5. My daugher has met a lot famous people. She chatted with Greg Kinnear when she worked as a hostess at a restaurant in Philly, taken voice lessons from the great opera star Virginia Zeani, participated with Domingo's operalia, and sat last summer for a portrait by the famous artist Nelson Shanks. She has a really boring life. ;)

  6. I once met Kirk Cameron (he was my first crush).

  7. And these are all people that either you met personally or someone you know met. Just imagine where you could go with people that those people and the people they know have met. Wow.


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