Sunday, April 6, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Evening

We had to hold the yard sale inside R's basement yesterday because it rained a fine misting rain all day. Even so, we each made some mad money to spend on something fun. I've been wiped out since I got home last night and consequently have spent all my time staring at the TV and sleeping today.

So, since I am too tired to do anything to write about I will just post some random photos.

First take a look at my nearly EMPTY attic and basement. I am thrilled to see floors and walls again.

I found Rachel's first real doll while cleaning out. Of course, I couldn't give her away.

I got rid of all of my shower curtains. This is the fabric I plan to use for a new curtain for the main bathroom shower. I choose this color because there is dated gold tile in that room that I have to work around. I think I will like this. I will use one of the neutral colors in the fabric to paint the walls. What do you think?

I dream of replacing my sofa with something similar to this.

I collect tiny bits of paper and other ephemera. This is a peek at my recent collection.

Here are more bits.

I love watching movies, especially at the theater. A diet Coke and a bag of popcorn, what could be a better way to escape real life? R and I recent saw this movie. We loved it.

I printed the list of movies and documentaries I've seen since I began Netflixing. Here are some I would recommend as very enjoyable.

The Painted Veil
As Time Goes By
Eat Drink Man Woman
Merry Christmas
The House of Eliott
Jeeves and Wooster
The Hobart Shakespeareans
Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont
Miss Potter
Word Wars

My backyard is in desperate need of a gardener, but my bed of irises is lovely.

I hope you all have had as restful a Sunday as I have.


  1. What a weekend! It will not be easily forgotten. I love those pictures of empty places! Doesn't it make your shoulders and mind feel much lighter?

    I love my doll. I'm so glad you saved it for me and the other things. I need to put them in my hope chest for the future.

    Time to make the shower curtain! Project!

    Where did you get that picture of the sofa?

    Love your tiny bits of paper and your shout out to me.

    I hope you are at least a little rested and somewhat ready for a new week.

  2. That fabric is so elegant. Very Parisian to my mind. I think it would look great no matter what it is used for. I love your paper & ephemera shots. I collect paper bits too....they end up on what I call "memory boxes", sturdy cardboard boxes that fill up fast with ticket stubs, invitations, and all manner of paper.

    Really enjoying the variety on your blog!

    -Lavinia Ladyslipper

  3. I'm glad that you made some mad-money. I love the fabric, and yes I like the color too -- a very Charleston-y golden color.


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