Monday, April 28, 2008

Just Puttering Around

I made these little bird cutouts last night. I was inspired by the bird embellishments on her scrapbook layouts. I drew the shapes onto cardboard. Cut them out. Glued on scrapbook paper. Used ink pads to color feet and beaks and to outline the bird. Cut out birds eggs and nests from a sheet of ephemera to use for wings.

I don't know what I will use them for but it was fun. While browsing tonight I noted that lookbeyondthepicketfence and I seem to be on the same wavelength. Check her cute bird pins out.


  1. These are so cute! I'm glad that you had fun making something crafty!

  2. Those little birds are absolutely adorable!!! I want one.

  3. Thanks Willow.

    Send me an email with your address and I'll mail you one.

  4. In fact, if anyone else wants a Bird from alittlebirdietoldmeso please email me and I will send you one. I have been wanting to do some type of give away.

  5. I'm loving your little birds! Just last night I was admiring the Eames' bird sculpture wishing to add a "winged friend" somewhere, somehow in our home. I love the ones you have made!

    Here is a link to the Eames':

  6. Hi Steviewren, these are adorable! So winsome and full of charm...

    By the way....! I have found a frame for the drawing of the Birdbath Lady that you did! It's a pewter colour, and the matting is ivory....

    I've also been expirementing with different papers in printing out the picture, and have found that the 100% cotton rag paper looks best; it has a nice texture to it and the colour looks quite saturated.

    I will be sending you a photo of the framed piece once it's all done...(hope to get to it this weekend)...

    THanks again!


  7. Oh, Lavinia thank you. It sounds lovely.

    I would love to have a picture of it framed. I showed it at work and gave three away to friends there. I looked online at Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper and thought about ordering some. I went down to my local art supply store and bought some Strathmore paper to try it on first. I think I got a pretty good print for an inkjet printer.


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