Sunday, April 20, 2008

One Gardener for Hire Please!

I've never been much of a gardener. This is due to a couple of facts.
  1. I don't like hard work.
  2. I don't enjoy sweating.
  3. My yard is full of clay soil and rocks.
  4. The sun seeking plants that I love just die in my yard because I have too much shade.
  5. My lawn mower is broken.
  6. Did I mention that I don't like hard work?

But I was drawn out into my rocky, weed infested, leaf strewn back yard this afternoon because it is an absolutely beautiful day here today. In the lieu of "real" flowers I photographed weeds. You know they really are beautiful. Maybe I should just learn to be content with my overgrown weedy yard.

Don't these petals look like fine silk fringe?

And if you squint this could be a ball of gossamer fairy wings.

What do you think? Could this lichen be sheltering some magical creature under it's surfeit of curly gray-green umbrellas?

From an ant's perspective it is easy to imagine this tree might touch the sky.

Alas, one gardener for hire please!


  1. As usual I love your Sunday posts. Now I see why the grandchildren enjoy your stories. You do have a way of making the ordinary things in life, magical and exciting.

    We were in our yard most of the day as well.

  2. I have never seen weeds look quite so lovely!

    Forget the gardener...unless of course, he shows up at your door, looking exactly like Russell Crowe.

  3. I love your photos! My garden is struggling to come awake as it is just beginning to get warmer here.
    I have no dirt in my backyard so I have to plant in containers, which makes it a little easier to control. I love impatiens flowers as they do well in shade and blossom all summer.

    To answer you question about Bryant Park: The little tables and chairs are already in the park for the use of anyone who enters and there are some food concession stands near the entrance so it's a nice place to have lunch in good weather.
    Yes -- it's the park where they set up for part of the fashion week hoopla! GMA has some summer concerts there too! :-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog --I hope you'll come back often!I've enjoyed reading yours and seeing your drawings. :-)


  4. Beautiful pictures! I love your I don't like to garden list! Hope your find the gardener of your dreams :-)

  5. Who knew weeds could be so beautiful? Maybe "one man's weed is another man's flower", or something like that, after all.

    I found two or three dandelions in full bloom in my backyard today. When I was a child, I thought dandelions were pretty, and used to string them together in a chain.

    We didn't have buttercups; my friends and I used to press dandelions to our chins, to see if they left a yellow mark, denoting that we really liked butter.

  6. Stevie, I just noticed that you have "The Joy Luck Club" listed as one of your favorite movies. I could watch that film again and again...the mother/daughter relationships are so very poignant. It is one great film I had forgotten...adding it to my profile right now!

  7. Russell Crowe, now he would be the gardener of my dreams. Sweet sweet dreams!

    We used to smash buttercups on each others faces to make those marks. Whenever I see them today I still have the same urge. : )

  8. Willow, I think of books and movies that I forgot all the time. I've added to my list a couple of times. I like a variety of music too but I can never remember it. My music list is pitiful.

    I actually love to read books about China and Japan. I thought I might gather my thoughts together about it one day and maybe post my favorites.

  9. Yes, please do! :) Those would be right up my alley.

  10. Willow have you ever read any Amy Tan ( the author of The Joy Luck Club)? She is an excellent writer but I think her real talent lies in her ability to dissect the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters and do it bi-culturally.

    Reminder to that book soon.


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