Thursday, April 17, 2008

Photo Mosaic

I ran some errands and took some photos on my lunch hour today. Here is a glimpse of what I saw.

Look closely and you might be able to figure out which store I went to and the fast food joint where I bought my lunch burger. Any guesses about the rest?


  1. Beautiful mosaic. I'm guessing Wendy's for lunch; Michaels for shopping.

  2. Somebody (you!) has an amazing macro feature on your camera. This is a splendid mosaic. I see frosty so is that Dairy Queen? I also see coloured pencils, a piece of jewelery lying across your palm, leaves, textile weave...

    Very imaginitive.

  3. I love it. How did you do it?
    From left to right: Your newly designed (yet very old stones) ring, your new head light, fabric, fabric, fabric (tea towels?), bushes at a fast food joint, fabric, green stuff, brick wall at a shop, you and your new tote bag from Domino in a reflection, Dairy Queen, Michaels, fabric, your purse, grass and dirt at your work, and some type of colored pencils at Michaels!

  4. Okay, #1 I seem to have lost the ability to spell check my posts. On yesterday's post I spelled met as meet until someone pointed that out to me. Eeeks! You probably noticed it before I did...but I finally did and corrected Mosic to read Mosaic. Duh!!!

    Everyone is pretty much right about lunch and the store yesterday. Wendy's and Michaels, hence frosty and really nice colored pencil shots. But Rachel really knows me, as she pretty much guessed it all.

    I just took regular sized photos and then used Photoshop to make the mosaic. I made an image 8 in. by 8 in. and cropped each bit from each one of the photos. I set the crop for the photos at 1.98 in. Then I just dropped them into place on the 8x8 grid. You can do this with Flickr but I don't know how. I have seen lots of these mosaics on other blogs I read.

  5. A great website for making your own online photo mosaic is PicArtia! . It is fast and free. I made a few mosaics online and that was totally fun. I do recommend you to check PicArtia. Its URL is:

  6. Thanks, they are really cool services. Another site like this is - funny pictures - they make a new effect every day!


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