Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is #2 son's birthday.

When he was young he loved balls of all sorts and received at least one, maybe two for every birthday and Christmas. He was afraid of the wolf that lived in the alley behind our house (thanks to his Dad and big brother's stories). He had to get stitched up so many times I've forgotten exactly how many times. He is kind, patient, thoughtful and giving of himself.

He was a bicentennial baby....born in 1976.

His favorite cake is Strawberry shortcake. Enjoy your day hon!


  1. Thank you for the comment on the new look of my blog. I am not sure how my daughter did it but she gave my niece instructions over the phone and my niece changed her's within minutes. If you are interesed I can see if I can foward you the information. I love the fabric you have for your bathroom. Glad the yard sale was sussessful. Nothing like mad money.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to your son on his 32nd birthday! And a pat on the back (pat, pat) to mom for raising a fine son!


  3. This is cute, SW! Happy Birthday to my husband, about whom I cannot say enough good things!

    Thanks to you, for raising such a wonderful boy into an amazing man!


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