Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just a Couple of Pages

When I was taking watercolor lessons about ten years ago I realized that my life long habit of lazily avoiding hard tasks was getting in the way of what I really desired (sadly, this lesson applies to more than art in my life).

I came to recognize that the things about my finished watercolors that I didn't like had nothing to do with my ability to mix and apply paint effectively. It had little to do with understanding the mechanics of properly using the brushes. The reason my paintings dissatisfied me had nothing to do with my ability to paint and everything to do with the laziness with which I had executed the drawing underneath the painting. If the drawing had the wrong perspective, if the lines were sloppy, if my drawing didn't represent the subject faithfully how could my painting be a faithful representation of my subject matter.

It was at this point that I first realized I had to go back to step one and learn to draw. My technical proficiency is not now, nor probably never will be as accomplished as I would wish for.

All of that said to say, I do try to practice drawing a little every day. I am getting better. I know I'll never be a Leonardo though.

These are a couple of recent pages from my sketch pad.

On this page I am trying to work out some symbolic ideas for the mother earth pictures.

I have been reading Russian Textiles, a book I found at my local library. It has lovely illustrations of old fabric and amazing pictures of central Asian people. I haven't read much of the book because I keep finding things I want to sketch.

I find that I am drawn to faces.

I need the practice but I do think I draw better today than I did 10 years ago.


  1. When I studied art in college many, many moons ago, we had to turn in 100 sketches a week! It was so time consuming...but it did pay off. I haven't sketched anything in years.

    Your drawings are so creative and you have your own fun, unique style! Keep up the wonderful work.

    I love all things Russian!

  2. I think it is great that you make time to draw everyday and then share your art with us.

  3. I like everything you draw; you are so talented. I think central Asian faces are very interesting too, there is something arresting about them.

    Your flowers are very pretty.

    And, "pockets full of love".....so sweet!

    How I wish I could draw....looking at these makes me realize how sadly lacking I am in that ability.

    Keep posting these pics; we all love to look at them.

  4. Hi Stevie

    Your sketchbook art is vey nice! I love the Russian designs and faces.

    I use to sketch when I was young but family and obligations got in the way and I stopped. Now I regret it. Keep it up and I'll keep checking in for inspiration.

    Hugs, Pat

  5. I wish I would practice drawing every day. I wonder if I still have the ability in me?


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