Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blue Tablecloth Week: Day One

I'm officially declaring this week Blue Tablecloth week. Because I adore these colors. They remind of the season coming instead of the current dismal one.

Sit down. Enjoy a cookie or a cup of iced tea with me. We can look out the windows and talk about spring. Did you see the squirrels? They chase one another up and down the oak tree all day long.

There's plenty of room for everyone. Come on in. We'll pull up some more chairs if we need too.

Isn't the centerpiece pretty? My oldest son send them to me for Valentine's Day.

So take a sip of your tea and tell me something funny that happened this weekend. Or maybe a tidbit of juicy gossip...promise I won't tell. Is something bothering you? Get if off your chest. Leave it on the blue tablecloth and take home a dish of cheer instead.

While I'm sitting here chatting with you, I might just try and paint that vase of tulips. Want to join me?


  1. I wouldn't even venture to paint...I failed it in kindergarden...but count me in on that cup of tea and the excellent company!

  2. I would love to sit down with you at that wonderful table for a cup.;)
    The tulips are lovely!
    Where is spring, tell me? Here it is nowhere in sight.
    Have a lovely Monday,

  3. Very pretty! I love the colors, too...a tablecloth makes a table look so much more refined and civilized. Of course I don't have one...I don't know if we're ready for that and my little ladies...but eventually, YES!

    The tulips, gorgeous.

    EG will come paint the flowers w/you.

  4. You can make my tea hot. Brrrr it is cold, windy and snow is piling up. Love that blue tablecloth and those tulips warm the heart.

  5. Your tablecloth is beautiful, and so are your tulips. I love the rick-rack trimmed placemats too! Very nice tablescape.

  6. I got some Tulips for Valentine's Day too..OH HOW I LONG FOR SPRING! Your bouquet is gorgeous.

    I won't paint with you but want to see YOUR painting when you are done!

  7. Would love to sit and chat at your beautiful blue setting...I would tell you all about my recent vacation and make you absolutely jealous:)

  8. Great idea! Lurve the blue design too. Hmmm, let's see... I can tell you that I just finished doing our taxes and we have to pay... Lord please make a way for the money to come through to pay it! Ugh!

  9. ChaChaneen, I so sympathize! I usually have to pay the state and get a smidgen back from hurts, doesn't it?

  10. I am really lovin' this post! I would love to come over and have some hot tea with you. The flowers are gorgeous. I need to paint and if I have the energy tonight I'll attempt. I think you're about 3 hrs away. More snow tonight,maybe.

  11. I'll be right there! Love those tulips. And the retro valentines, how darling! By the way, your song post inspired me and I wrote a little thing about it. It is here if you want to check it out.

  12. I would definitely sit with you at that beautiful table and sip a hot cuppa! The tulips are gorgeous!

    My kitchen has the same green wall as yours and my accent colors and white! Instead of wallpaper border, I used blue and white plates hung around the top of the walls. I love those colors together! You have good taste!

  13. It would be fun to sit at your kitcen table and share a cuppa with you Stevie!

    I love your tulips! My son gave me a nice selection of herb teas for Valentine's Day.

  14. I'd like to buy that tablecloth. Can you share where you bought it?



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