Sunday, February 7, 2010

Party Time

Time really flies. It seems like it was just yesterday that my 8th grandchild was born.

And yet this past week, it was already time to celebrated his first birthday.

Mommy went all out to create him a "little prince" birthday cake. There was yummy moist carrot cake on the inside and sweet cream cheese icing outside. The guests also enjoyed hot dips and chicken salad sandwiches.

He wasn't sure why everyone was standing around watching him and taking so many photos.

It took a few minutes for him to dig in.

But he had no trouble understanding what to do with his presents.

He presented his parents with his own birthday surprise last week. He officially started walking. He's a little man now for sure. Happy Birthday Elijah!


  1. they grow so very fast!!!

    he's adorable

  2. What a sweet Prince. "8" Grands?? You are mightly blessed.

  3. Gees, Stevie. It does not seem all that long ago that you were knitting his little sweater set before he was born. Time is flying. I remember logging in to your blog first thing every day to see if you had a new grandbaby.

  4. Mom your pictures look great! I want copies of all of them. Elijah said thanks for the outfit, bath toys, and toy! Love you.

  5. Well, I can't believe he's a year old already either! What a fun party! love that cake, Rachel! :)

  6. He's so adorable.. what a love.

  7. Happy 1st birthday to the most cutest baby boy!

  8. Awwww!! I am green with grandchild envy!!!

    Happy Birthday Sweet Elijah!

  9. Happy Birthday to Elijah! Love the cake it looks so pretty. I love carrot cake!

  10. He's already a year?! What a cute, cute party and an adorable little boy. I love his "W" suit.

  11. How precious! Can't believe it's been a year either and I absolutely LURVE the birthday cake your daughter created! Very nicely done indeed! Those chips look good right now to eat, something salty! ha ha


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