Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blue Tablecloth Week: Day Two

Day two of Tablecloth week is all about my long lasting love affair.....

...with cobalt blue (did I have you on pins and needles?)

Sit down and have a cuppa.

I really should pull out the cobalt KitchenAid and whip us up something delicious.

But I can't pull myself away from the window because it's another sunny day here in tablecloth world.

Tell me about your love affairs/collections.

I'll paint a little more while we chat.


  1. I love your blue theme.
    The glass is stunning and I love the blue cup. I almost feel like I am right there, can scent the warm fragrance of the tea...
    My favorite collection are 4 coffee cups that I got for free with a purchase. The stamp on the bottom states "Portofino" and that always helps me dream myself away to that beautiful part of Italy, when I drink coffee from them.;)
    Perhaps I should feature them in a post.;))

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Your "sit down and have a cuppa" photograph looks so inviting. I'm actually sitting here, drinking a cup of tea. Some people reach for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning; I reach for a cup of tea. I like the color blue. I have blue fleur dinnerware, blue dessert dishes, blue glasses and on and on.

  3. Your blue cobalt is gorgeous! I don't have any, but I'll be looking for it when I'm out searching for such things. :)

    Here's my collection.

  4. Sorry, my link didn't work. You can find it here:


  5. Love the color...particularly love the last pic...that glassware is gorgeous!

    My KitchenAid is black...my boys had hoped I would get one like Alton Brown from Food Network...it has FLAMES on it.

    A cup of tea this a.m. sounds yummy...I like milk and sugar please.

  6. I love cobalt blue. I have a set of wine and other alcohol glasses from my parent which I've loved ever since I was a child. They're a lovely, subtle floral design etched into the clear glass but the stems are a rich, beautiful, cobalt blue. Your wonderful items make me think of them. :)

  7. Bright orange parrot tulips in a cobalt blue vase.

  8. I love all the blue (and the sunny window)!

  9. Thanks for the little haiku, Steviewren. It must have worked because I feel much better. You missed my poem in the post above my excuse.

    I love your cobalt blue pieces. I thought water was dripping off your tablecloth!

    I had cobalt blue glasses, but they didn't go with my Fall Colours scheme.


  10. I have collected a few things over the years. I am now trying NOT to collect anything. Love your blue theme.

  11. Cobalt blue is a very striking color!

    My Kitchen Aide is utilitarian white..lol

    My weakness is books... I love to collect books.

  12. You would love my cobalt collection


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