Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Photo Day

Do you see what I see?

A couple of weekends ago I went out taking pictures. I was loving photographing this parking meter.

Until I got home, downloaded the pictures and realized that bird poop covered the whole thing.

It might just be me, but these cookies always look prettier than they taste.

In case you missed it, I added directions. Do you see it?


  1. It is all in the eye of the beholder, and your lovely picture prove that fact.;))
    On your cloudy sky I see a smiling face.;))
    Have a lovely day,

  2. The bird poop just adds to the authenticity - I mean, when have you ever seen a parking meter WITHOUT bird poop?

    I totally see the dragon...wonderful shot!

  3. Great photos of the bird poop parking meter - it looks so gritty and urban!

    I love your quote of the week - I can't wait to see this film ...

    Jeanne x

  4. I've done that before...or my reflection is glaring back at me...when I didn't want to be photographed. haha.

    Love the cloud dragon!

  5. I missed the bird poop until you brought it to my attention. I agree with you about the cookie. They are like hockey pucks. I see the dragon.

  6. The parking meter is great. Very authentic! LOL I see your dragon.

    My local Walmart makes those sugar cookies and they are fantastic! Like a grandma's recipe.

  7. I agree with you on the tasteless cookies...but boy do they make a beautiful photo!

    I did not notice the bird poop until you pointed it out:)

  8. I thought it was rust .. and I have no doubt it looks better than it tastes, is that buttercreme? Ewwww. and the sky ... I so saw that dragon .. I love cloud naming

  9. LOL i love parking meters too. even with bird poop.

    i don't like those cookies either. i hold out for the homemade.

    lovin' the dragon.

  10. Yes, Mother Nature was in sooo many ways... hee hee... Great pics!
    :) The Bach

  11. I've always thought those cookies taste great.

  12. I'm in complete agreement about those cookies~they always leave me wanting...and not more of them:)

    We love finding cloud shapes here, too!

  13. The parking meters are cool. Just sitting there collecting money for time spent. Like Avery's potty video said years ago, "Everybody's gotta poop!"

    I see the dragon. Very, Very Cool!

  14. The cloud dragon is COOOOL! I lurve it!

  15. Always fun to see what your artistic eye will find. :)


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