Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Planning a Trip Soon?

You might like to stay a few nights in this unique hotel if you find yourself in Berlin.

The bed is a castle and the other furniture is houses

Created entirely of square wooden plates covered with black and white graphic images

Here's how the website describes the City Lodge aesthetic.
Everything is different!
The PROPELLER ISLAND CITY LODGE is a - truly - VERY extraordinary location. All rooms and objects were created by the German artist Lars Stroschen. Much more appropriate than "hotel" is the designation "living in a work of art".
30 rooms with an absolutely unique and personal ambience. "Unique" is meant literally, for the entirety of all furnishings and other objects you will discover here are custom-made, individual handiwork. None can be found anywhere else on this planet - one could consider the CITY LODGE to be a MUSEUM with guest accomodations or a stay-in work of SCULPTURE.
The rooms are designed and constructed without compromise (!), varying from the tame to the extreme, and are well able to more or less alter your perspective of reality - according to your taste and sense of adventure.
If you have managed to make the right choices, you will experience an unforgettable stay at our place! Therefore, it is essential to take a look to the photos in the web. After all, your trip is intended to be relaxing and pleasant and to give you complete satisfaction.

Features a all blue bath, lilac walls and nude photos
Diamond shaped room with mirrored walls gives the impression of sleeping in a kaleidoscope.

Every room is different. Let me know if you go. I'd love to hear about your experience.


  1. Very interesting, the first one looks like a children's playground.;) I love the mirror room, I have to confess. I love that it probably feels like you are in an endless space.
    There is a similar hotel in Copenhagen, every room is suppose to be different, as if made on a different theme. But it is not as much fun as this one.;)

  2. This place would sure shake you out of the winter doldrums. What a fun experience it would be. I don't know if I would be able to sleep with all that going on. Ha..

  3. Wow... I don't know if I could go to sleep or not :).... your write on the match box was great... I commented also... I'm behind in my comments catagory... See yah.
    The Bach

  4. Looks like fun to me...I've always wanted to try one of the ice hotels where you sleep on a bed of ice...

  5. it looks fabulous!!! maybe someday...i love places like this!

    thank you for stopping by my bloghome and commenting. please come again soon and often!

    warm smiles,

  6. Interesting .. I wonder if I would be able to fall asleep ...

  7. Wow. That is so creative. I love it : ) I have always wanted to go to a theme hotel. My husband thinks I am a weirdo : ) I just think it would be fun!

  8. Fun!If I ever stayed in a place like this I'd want to be surprised! Actually I'm a little surprised Los Vegas hasn't come up with something like this!

    PS: Yes, we still had snow on the ground here up until yesterday .. it has been raining the last two days so much of it finally melted, but this weekend another storm is coming and from the sound of it it will be a bad one!

  9. haha....I'm not sure I could sleep!

  10. I was thinking what Betsy said... I don't think I would be able to settle down and go to sleep! As cool as it is a bit too stimulating for me!

  11. Call me traditional but none of them do anything for me... like the others said, just too busy to sleep. ha ha

  12. I have to admit that I love the first one. All the bright colors really make me happy. I would feel like a little kid with special things to look at all around me. Of course, I love the purple too. I could easily fall asleep there. I find it soothing.


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