Thursday, February 25, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday

Postcard my DIL bought for me at the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit at the High Museum in Atlanta recently.

I thought all you postcard aficionados might like a look at this advertisement that I found last week when I wrote this post about my maternal grandfather.


"The change in character of the mail, the tremendous increase in mail volume, and the revolution in transportation, coupled with the steep rise in manpower costs, made adoption of modern technology imperative and helped produce the ZIP Code or Zoning Improvement Plan."

You might like to read more about how the use of the five digit zip code came into use. If so check out this article.

Join the postcard fun at The French Factrice.


  1. mr zippy. LOL i remember him.

    great find I wondered what it stood for.

  2. I love the art postcard! And, yes, I remember Mr. Zip~he's cute:)

  3. Beautiful card. I remember Mr. Zip, too. Remember when we first got the codes. Wow. !!!

  4. LOVE the Leonardo card! I am a big fan of this ancient visionary and if I was ever able to meet just one famous person in history, it would have been him.
    Have a lovely Friday,

  5. Great advertisement!! And what a nice card from your DIL. Happy PFF!

  6. Good information and love the postcard art thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful postcard! the detail is fantastic.

    I had no idea that ZIP stood for Zoning Improvement Plan. I read the article in the link and see that started in 1963. So then I had to find out when the equivalent postcodes started in the UK. And then I had to look up....

    It's taken me a long - and enjoyable - time. :)

  8. I remember when zip codes started, too. It seemed so numerical at the time!

  9. Happy PFF- Thanks for stopping by:)

  10. TFS... love the DaVinci... great article on Zip COdes...Thanks for stopping by... PPF!

  11. Happy PFF & to Mr Zip!

    Thanks for stopping by - agree the whole world (& Hello! magazine) would love to be at that house-warming party!!

    Have a great weekend!




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