Monday, August 18, 2008

I Feel Bad About My Neck

I just finished reading this book by Nora Ephron. She has written a witty but true account of being a woman who is getting older. It is something that we never think about when we are young, but once we pass our early middle years the body begins to turn on us. She points out the amount of time we now have to spend just maintaining our looks. The book is a very funny account of what it means to be a woman of a "certain age".

You know I've been looking in the mirror and I feel bad about my neck too.


  1. I love this book!! Isn't she the greatest? She was my new best friend, after I read it.

    Also love her films, "You've Got Mail", "Sleepless in Seattle" and "When Harry Met Sally". She's brilliant.

  2. I'll check out this book! I've been feeling bad about my neck for years!

  3. I've enjoyed this book also, Steviewren. Her funny passages about life in NYC were so recognizable too!

    Neck, schmeck, I feel bad about my whole 50+! Every time I look at a dressing room mirror I wonder who that person is that is reflected back to me!

    I just gave you a friendship award. Please pick it up when you have a chance. :-)

    Hugs, Pat

  4. I also have read this book and it is really good. There's a lot of maintenance to these old bods. But you know what? At least we are still kicking around. My mom used to say when she was putting on her makeup at 77..."sometimes the old barn just needs another coat of paint!" I know it's not original, but she was a hoot.

  5. While making the three hour plus drive up to New Hampshire a few weeks ago, I too noticed "my neck " in the passenger side mirror! I was not too pleased!

  6. Pamela Terry and Edward, I noticed Nora has on her turtleneck too.

    Willow, don't forget her book Heartburn. It was a good one too.

    Museswings and Denise, I can certainly sympathize. My neck does funny puckery things now.

    Pat, I loved the parts about life in the city. Really interesting. Thanks for the award. I am on my way over to your place now.

    Nana Trish, I like your mother's philosophy. I'm all for the paint.

  7. I think I might like to read this. I sometimes ask myself, am I the only one going through what I'm going through? Mid-life life....not exactly a bowl of roses!


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