Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Sometimes I am so bored at work....

that I amuse myself my doing this:

Yes, I took pictures of the dust on my keyboard.

Or I take yet another picture of my cup of highlighters and markers.

Sometimes I daydream about everything I wish I was doing instead.

(I was not cut of cloth made of equations and data entry)

And feel that my real life is on hold.

I tend to eat too much fast food.

And yes, the lunch hour is my happy hour.

Sometimes, I use my lunch to take pictures of Alabama's flowers in their natural habitat.

Banks of colorful flowers can be seen daily not far from my office....

at Chick-fil-a.

They not only cook good chicken, they grow some nice flowers along the drive-thru line.

But look, even amongst the most carefully tended flowers a weed grows.

There is a moral to this story.

But I haven't found it yet.

Help me out. How would you end this most randomest of random posts?


  1. Persolnally, I would call it a gift fron God. If I leave the flowers and veggies that God sows to grow where they are they harvest earlier than any bought seedling planted 6 weeks earlier and molly-coddled. When people cast a disparagingly beedy eye on the burgeoning weeds in my garden, I get in first and sweetly ask:"don't you just love my flowering grasses?" Buck up, life isn't all boredom. Build some castles in Spain or anywhere else when you have free moments and, since your key-board is handy, jot them down. You may surprise yourself!

  2. I think it proves that even in a perfect setting a little rain must fall.

    Or maybe it is a visual that all the world is a fallen place. God provides beauty....man destroys it.

    Or maybe it is just the law of opposites at work...flower-weed...

    I think I should add a disclaimer about my job...I am very thankful to have a job with good benefits which provides the income for me to take care of myself. I only wish it provided more opportunity for intellectual stimulation, creativity and change. Oh well, I can't have it all. A girl must day dream then.

  3. I absolutely get that "not cut from the cloth" comment. I hardly fit in anywhere.
    Your creativity and brilliant way with words shine through in everything you post, Stevie. I guess we all need to be grateful for the genius who created the first blog. We'd still be writing in our diaries and locking them up, or else writing countless letters in the hopes that someone would read and treasure them.

    At least this way, you have a forum - and I believe with your talents, you'll be able to translate that into something beyond the blog and your mundane job. Follow your heart and trust in the Lord!


  4. Searching for the key (keyboard) to life, one must find colour (markers), push a few buttons (phone), nourish the soul (food menu), stop to smell the flowers (flower boxes), accept that you'll come across weeds now and again, and have someone to commiserate with (your blogging buddies).

    I had to laugh when I opened this post. The first photo of you was staring me straight in the face. My left hand was in the exact same position as your right. I felt like I was looking into a mirror. :)

  5. Ha-ha! And you wonder why I said you had a great sense of humor!

  6. I love this post, Stevie! Even though your job isn't exactly your first choice, you are still your gloriously creative self, seeing the beauty in the mundane! :)

  7. Steviewren, we surely must have discussed this at the tea party yesterday, because I woke up thinking that I was going to do a post on my 'lunchtime oases"....the places I have collected over the years, where I go on my lunch hour. Since I didn't have any pics on hand, I did a more general post, but now, the germination of an idea is borne....your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to seek out interesting and unusual places that you can visit on your lunch hour. One of mine is a nearby church that is over 150 years old and always open for quiet meditation...

  8. Awww, Stevie, you are so cute when you're bored! I recognize that expression as being on the faces of all those kids (including me!)who are watching the teacher's back as she writes on the blackboard...and thinking....what on earth....gee....this is so dull!

  9. And that is what real life looks like anywhere... work is work, beauty is there but so are the weeds.

  10. Perhaps a short vacation is in order? When I feel bored with the day to day routine a little day trip somewhere always recharges me. Maybe a visit to a museum or a day spent in a nearby town you've never visited before?

    My husband often takes a lunchtime walk, just for a change of view and the benifit of exercise.

  11. Ahh but the good news is “Hello, I'm listening."

    We have all found some wonderful listeners out here in blogland.

    I have seen you around on my regular blogs, and have enjoyed your comments.

    I came here today by way of Lavinia. I clicked on your artwork and here I am. Seeing your sweet face of boredom made me smile =] We all feel this way at times, and I think in August we should do what the Europeans do and take the month off and go somewhere else! My advice, keep those artistic juices flowing. You have talent girl!

  12. Life seems to be filled with spirts of "glory" followed by lots of just "being". I think thats why the God said to Occupy until I come. You are Occupying at present...enjoy the rest God has given you...wow...I think I'll go take my own advice!

  13. I tried to leave a message yesterday, but kept getting an error message. The moral of the story is no matter how boring you feel your day is, Stevie, there are always bright spots if you look. And the thing is, it's up to all of us whether or not we take the time to look. Work can drag you down, but look at what it enables in your life... Are we not the luckiest people?!!!

  14. Arija, thanks for visiting my blog. Come back anytime.

    I agree with everyone who expressed the sentiment that life isn't all boredom. I am never bored at home. I have so many things I am interested in learning more about, so much I want to make or new things I want to try my hand at. Everytime I complain about my job I feel guilty because it is a good job, especially for someone who didn't work in any formal business setting for 26 years. With no experience to speak of and no college education, divorce was a pretty scary thing. I got some education, I got a couple of jobs, I got my Associates degree. I got this job. I've moved up positions. But I am a fish out of water in this setting even after 6+ years. I am more comfortable in my skin in other settings, not this one. Maybe one day I will feel differently.

    Part of my boredom at work is due to the economic turndown. Our workload has slowed down. I am just not busy enough...I prefer to be busy, busy.

    Thanks everyone for your funny and helpful comments.

  15. It just goes to show you - when our life is mashed into smaller universes we still find little places of beauty among them. Your post is a hoot!
    I never feel comfortable in the business world, and I've been in it (with a few interruptions)for 45 years. I always feel like I'm just an actor in a Kabuki theater presentation.

  16. Kabuki theater...what a great visual you've given me Muse...when you see me smiling to myself today you can be sure I will be seeing myself as a Kabuki actor. I'll be the one with a big red frown yowling at the heavens!

  17. Stevie...great post...I know how you feel...the last two years I worked, I was soooo bored. My mind was everywhere but there. I sat and thought of all sorts of things I could be doing...I also talked about everything in the world except work :) Love the photos..along with the dialog...Did anyone ever tell you that you were very creative? :)BTW...love that little owl on your sidebar :)


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