Sunday, August 3, 2008

Not Too Happy Tonight

Apparently my air conditioner quit working sometime this afternoon. I awoke from a nap to find the fan blowing, but no cool air circulating. The unit outside wasn't doing anything. So I turned it off and turned on the ceiling fans.

It is 10:47 pm here. 81 degrees inside the house with all the windows closed. Outside it is 81 degrees, but says it feels like 86 degrees because the humidity is 75%. I opened the door to check the temp and closed it right away. It is actually cooler in here with the ceiling fans running than it is out there because it is so sticky.

Please, oh please, let the air conditioning man be able to come here tomorrow!


  1. Stevie..the same thing happened to us last week. Cost over $200.00 to replace a part. I hope it's nothing costly for you. Terrible time to happen...

  2. I do not mind warm temperatures...I hate humidity! I hope everything is fixed soon! If not maybe go see a good movie!
    Stay cool! Denise

  3. I am so sorry you have to suffer with the heat. I would much rather be chilly than smothering. I hope by the time you are reading this you are nice and cool. I love your new banner. Is that your weekly addition? I was late this week with so much company and now we are getting ready for vacation to Indiana. I always love your pictures of the girls. They look so sweet and yet whisical at the same time. Very neat!!

  4. I hear ya. Our upstairs handler went out and they gave us a quote of $4600. Needless to say, that's on hold and we're running fans up there. I hate sleeping in heat, though. Ick.

  5. Thanks for your cool wishes everyone. I called the "Man" early this morning and he is on his way. I LOVE HIM!

    So, I am at the kitchen table busily working on reconciling my checking account...something I should have done this weekend. I'm thinking about taking the rest of the day off instead of going in late. I really have tons to do around the house. With the air conditioning working, today might be the day to get it all done.

    Willow my sympathies are with you. Thank heavens for fans at least. Will September bring some cooler night air with it?

  6. Oh dear! Steviewren, let's hope for two thing: cool weather and a speedy repairman.

    I have had mine off for two days, and have ceiling fans going...I almost turned it on again yesterday, but it was just so nice to have the windows open and feel the breeze...

    Keep us updated! And keep cool!

  7. The absolute worst thing to happen in a southern summer! Our power went off Saturday night during a storm. We had begun discussing contingency plans....Edward and Apple have to stay cool!...when, huzzah, it came back on! I do hope your man can come today, and will think good thoughts your way!

  8. Steviewren did you check the filter? Our bedroom air conditioners will stop working if the filters are too dusty. Just remove it and give it a good rinse or vacum and replace and see if you can reset the machine. It might save a big repair bill.

    I love your new banner!


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